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A girl learns to not allow her birth defect stop her from becoming who she is destined to become.

Book Review: ‘ Katrina and Winter: Partners in Courage’ by Nancy Stewart


I love inspiring stories, especially ones that are true, not fiction. Katrina and Winter: Partners in Courage, by Nancy Stewart, is a true story of a girl born with a birth defect. Reading the story made me stop and think of the difficulties kids with disabilities face.

Katrina, fitted with a prosthetic leg, must learn to cope. She is self-conscious about walking with a limp. Life is not always fair, but we do not have to let life’s curve balls define who we become in life.

This story pulls at my heartstrings.

Lucky for Katrina, during a vacation trip, she meets Winter, a rescued dolphin with a stump of a tail. Katrina’s true character shines through as she gets inspired by Winter. Katrina is blown away with Winter’s ability to learn how to swim.

After visiting Winter, whenever Katrina is faced with self-doubt and worry, she thinks about Winter. What follows is a girl who achieves goals beyond her wildest dreams. Katrina participates in Jump Rope Club, horseback riding, gymnastics, and even modeling school.

This incredible story is an inspiration to anyone with disabilities. The author was very clever to include personal photos that present Katrina and Winter in real-life scenes.

The ultimate lesson one can learn from this great story is hard work does pay off. The book will be a great addition in any classroom. Teachers can use the book to help children understand how far a “can do” attitude can take one.

Lastly, Katrina’s courage will inspire both adults and children. Personally, I learned the value of not allowing life’s curve balls to define who you become in life.

About Nicole Weaver

Nicole Weaver is an award-winning author. Her first trilingual book Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle was published in 2009. Her love for languages and other cultures resulted in publishing the award-winning book, My Sister Is My Best Friend which was published in 2011 by Guardian Angel Publishing. My Sister Is My Best Friend has won the following awards: 2012 Creative Child Awards Program consisting of moms and educators has awarded this book the 2012 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD Kids Picture Storybooks category. 2012 Children's Literary Classics Seal of Approval 2012 Children's Literary Classics Gold Award Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review Her newest book , My Brother Is My Best Friend was also published by Guardian Angel Publishing, January 2014.

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  1. Janet Ann Collins

    I care a lot about kids with Special Needs and animals and Nancy Stewart is a good writer, so this book is a good one.

  2. Lovely can-do attitude inspires us all. Great review.

  3. What a wonderful inspirational story. Kudos to you Nancy for writing a story that will ripple on in time to help and inspire others. Great review Nicole.

  4. Many thanks to you, Nicole, for such a flattering review. Katrina is such a worthy young woman and one of the bravest I’ve ever known. She is a real hero to me. Again, let me thank you for showcasing her and her story.

  5. Nancy, It was an honor to read and review your great book. I am wishing you great success with it.

  6. Melissa Abramovitz

    Wonderful review, Nicole, and sure to inspire many people to read this story of a true hero.

  7. joni Klein-higger

    Nice review, Nicole. Katrina is quite an amazing girl. Nancy and Katrina have inspired many with this touching story.

  8. Penelope Anne Cole

    Hi Nicole, Nice review about a true-life story — an inspirational lesson in courage and caring. It’s a a good story for everyone, especially kids dealing with difficult health situations and disabilities.