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Can Role playing help take the risk out of flying?

Book Review: Flight Emergency by Reya Kempley

Piloting and flying aircraft is not just about vacation, but it’s also a hobby and travel source for many individuals. Small craft are independently owned and used throughout the US and other countries. Along with flight there are also risks, dangers that can turn flight into a nightmare.

Flight Emergency, by Reya Kempley, is an interesting role-playing game written for both students and certified pilots. Set to different possible emergencies, she has put together scenarios that could happen. As a reader you choose the direction or decision you would make and each choice takes you to a different outcome. It is informative and interesting. Kempley tries to choose the most likely emergencies that can occur, and then takes you to their conclusion based on your own choice.

As a learning tool this seems to be very thorough. Not a pilot myself, I found that while I did not always choose the correct course initially, many of the right choices entail both common sense and a bit of patience. The book has been read by numerous pilots and from their discourse they find her simulations spot-on and to the point. There are eight role-playing emergencies and Kempley has made this more than just text book learning, but fun as well as informative.
Kempley herself is a pilot and has experience that could prove invaluable to others. Putting this to paper and sharing her insights in this interactive forum is both challenging and interesting.

I would recommend this book as a great gift for your student pilot or even your already certified pilot. Pitting yourself against the inherent dangers in such a safe interactive way and learning how to spot and divert danger is one of the best gifts one can give.

Kempley has stepped outside the box to bring safety to others. This would be a great book for the amateur or professional aviator to add to the library.

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