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A true tell-all book about the one of the greatest names in rock.

Book Review: Black Sabbath FAQ by Martin Popoff

In the later part of the 60s, the era of peace and love, long hair and the flower child movement, there would be a deep, dark rumble coming from England, a sound that would change the rock and roll world and a sound that could never be silenced. In the later part of 1969 a group of four young men, Ozzy Osbourne, Toni Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, would be known as Black Sabbath and would give birth to a new and powerful sound in music to be named heavy metal.

Author Martin Popoff, writer of more than 30 books on the subject of heavy metal, classic rock and more has created for us a new, bold and complete offering, Black Sabbath FAQ – All that’s Left to Know on the First Name in Metal, a book that is the complete compendium of all that is Black Sabbath. This 400-page biography invites you into history, starting with the group’s humble beginnings at Vertigo records in London, throughout the years to today showing us the high points, the low points and even the tragic moments that make up the iconic lives of four talented musicians.

A chronicle of the band’s albums from the self-titled album Black Sabbath to Reunion, this book captivates the reader with honest, no-holds reporting of all the facts. No feelings are spared and some idols are knocked off their pedestals. It covers their days in the studio and nights on the road, bands that were inspired by them as well as solo careers of each of the members.

This book covers the band’s life of excess and their road to redemption, the days of the group with Dio and their memories of him, interviews with the members and the people who know them, quotes and little known trivia information that will amuse and astound the reader.

I am particularly fond of the chapter that relates to the little known feud between Black Sabbath and the group Blue Oyster Cult, who were for a time great rivals in the heavy metal “Doom Rock” music venue.

There is a very special component to Black Sabbath FAQ — a complete compendium of every single, album, collectable album, photographs, cover art and obscure hit the band has ever done, domestic and import information, band line-ups and more.

This is a must have for every music trivia buff, but more explicitly, for every fan of rock, and particularly for fans of Black Sabbath — an opportunity to contemplate the contribution of the “Masters of Metal” one more time.

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