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The rhythmic sounds of fireflies during the evening hours.

Book Review: A Midsummer’s Dance by Bill Kirk and Clara Batton Smith

Music is designed to evoke emotions good or bad, but a good children’s book on the other hand should challenge the imagination of the child. I am an adult, and my imagination was hugely challenged after reading Bill Kirk’s book, A Midsummer’s Dance.

The author uses fireflies in a simple and profound way to teach young readers about the activities of these insects. The story whisked me back to my childhood days. I immediately thought about the hot, humid summers in both my native Haiti and in New York. I could actually hear the cacophony of buzzes that took place way back then.

This delightful tale is sure to ignite curiosity in the minds of the young reader. It is not just that the author is exploring an event that relates to everyday life, but the way in which he delivers the message is very creative and special.

The story is written in a fun rhyme. I found myself reading the book out loud several times just so I could enjoy the sound of each rhyme.

This fun book can be a great resource for elementary teachers to use in the classroom to teach young children about end rhymes. Examples mentioned in the story include: log/bog, chance/dance, night/flight, mist/twist and cricket/thicket.

Artist Clara Batton Smith does an outstanding job bringing the story to full, vivacious life. Her spunky illustrations complement the story very well.

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