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..."I've found a new crop of songwriters that I connect with just as deeply."

Bonnie Raitt: Souls Alike and upcoming tour

One of the world’s premier female slide guitarists Bonnie Raitt will be releasing her first album in three years. Souls Alike will be in stores September 13. The first single, “I Will No Be Broken” begins radio play on Aug. 9.

Souls Alike has the distinction of being the first album that Ms. Raitt has ever completely self-produced. Over the course of her previous 17 albums, she has introduced us to some of her favourite songwriters, and this release is no exception. She appears especially excited about those who have provided the material for this album.

“A lot of my life’s eureka moments came when I heard people like John Prine, Fred McDowell, or Paul Brady,” she says. “And now I’ve found a new crop of songwriters that I connect with just as deeply.”

Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick, and Tommy Sims wrote “I Will Not Be Broken”. These three had previously collaborated on Ms. Raitt’s hit “I Can’t Help You Now” and Eric Clapton’s “Change The World”. Other songwriters who contributed to the album include Maia Sharp and David Batteau, John Capek and Marc Jordan, and Randall Bramblett and Davis Causey.

On Oct. 5, Bonnie will be kicking off a yearlong tour in support of the new release. Along for the ride will be her usual band of stalwarts: Hutch Hutchinson on bass, Ricky Fataar on drums, George Marinelli on guitar, and keyboardist Jon Cleary.

“These guys are incredibly gifted in their own right,” Raitt says. “But over the last few years, we’ve grown into something much more than the sum of our parts. We got into something deep on my last album, Silver Lining, and I’m just knocked out by their ability to stretch and morph into whatever style I want to delve into.”

Since this is the same band that plays with her on the forthcoming Soul’s Alike it sounds like it could be one special release.

Bonnie Raitt has been remarkable for her durability, versatility, and just being a damn good player for all these years. Her talents are so amazing that John Prine paid her the unique compliment of including her version of his song “Angel From Montgomery” on his anthology album.

For more information about the tour and the forthcoming album go to You can even follow links to pre-purchase tickets for her shows.

Watch this site for a review of Soul’s Alike, Bonnie Rait’s first album in three years, closer to the release date of September 13th 2005.


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