Thursday , May 30 2024
Write, read, comment, contribute and above all, keep being excellent, but please just cut the high drama nonsense, PLEASE.

Blogcritics – Please Listen Up

I am sorry I am forced to write this, but I know Eric won’t and it needs to be said:

What the hell is wrong with some of you people? This is an open forum that is supposed to be used to critique music, video, books and popular culture. The shit that I am forced to read, and now deal with on a personal level, is starting to wear thin.

I understand that Blogcritics is not MY site, and in some ways it’s not even Eric’s anymore, but I can guarantee all of you of one thing, Blogcritics sure as hell isn’t going to be hijacked by a bunch of people for the purposes of their delusional, hypersensitive and pointless agenda.

For those of you who post regularly, your efforts and talents are appreciated. Your comments are welcome and it’s good to engage each other with the hopes of coming to a better understanding of the topic at hand. That does not mean that sniping, attacking and otherwise harassing the shit out of each other is also good.

Eric works hard to keep the site not just functional and operating, but to make sure it thrives and is a viable source of information, as well as a medium for all the writers to reach a variety of readers. He spends HOURS fixing errors that are just FUCKING STUPID and shouldn’t be tolerated. Eric, who is not always a diplomatic guy, expends almost all his mental and emotional energies trying to keep the peace and make thoughtful and relevant comments to posts, as well as posting himself.

His job is not to police comments or to keep the writers from fighting with each other. GROW UP PEOPLE.

Because of this increased “bullshit,” and you know who you are, he spends hours trying to mitigate issues and keep people from virtually killing each other, and in the process has become a really irritable person and isn’t around for his children like he should be. So now your childish nonsense is affecting my LIFE.

If you are tempted to say, “Well that’s his problem, not ours,” I will be forced to smack you down in a way that I gave up for my New Year’s resolution.

As his wife and the mother of his children and the person who is personally suffering because of all this needless grief, I am not just asking, begging, or pleading with you to stop, I AM TELLING YOU, stop acting like selfish, psychotic brats.

Write, read, comment, contribute and above all, keep being excellent, but please just cut the high drama nonsense, PLEASE.

Thank you, now I return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

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