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Blogcritics Editors’ Picks: March 29 through April 4

There’s a lot to read here, so make yourself comfy and enjoy!

Let me take a moment to remind those of you who are chosen that you are invited to submit your own pick for next week (due to space considerations, please limit it to one). Please feel free to email me your picks (including the URL) by next Tuesday.


From Music Editor Connie Phillips:

CD Review: Editors – The Back Room by Matt Freelove
Matt gives a thorough and comprehensive look at the new Editors CD. As usual, he leaves no stone un-turned and no angle un-examined.

Concert Review: Horrorpops – House of Blues, Sunset Strip – 3/24/06 by Fantasma el Rey
Reviewing live music isn’t always as easy as it looks, but you wouldn’t know it by reading this article. Fantasma el Rey gives the reader a front row seat.

Beat Farmer and Music Columnist Buddy Blue, Dead at 48 by Joan Hunt
Picking an obituary may seem a bit odd, but what Joan delivered is so much more. Thanks for this tribute to a music great who will be missed.


From Books Editor Natalie Bennett:

Stanislaw Lem, Writer and Critic Extraordinaire, Dead at 84 by Steven Hart
An informed and affectionate account of the author, which also clearly sets out his place in the science fiction canon. An entirely first-class obituary.

Then, moving from the old to the young, with Book Review: How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller By Julia DeVillers, by CallmeMaddy
CallmeMaddy explains that she has with this book, with its 14-year-old heroine, finally found a book “written by an adult that I can relate to”. Her enthusiasm shines through in her review, and I can imagine my 14-year-old self wanting to read it.


From Film Editor Erin McMaster:

Victor Lana’s Disney’s High School Musical: Teen Angst and Lots of Singing and Dancing is a fun look at an annoyingly catchy Disney movie.


From Culture Editor Diana Hartman:

John Spivey explores our internal landscape in the rich imagery of Energy and Imagination.


From Politics Editor Dave Nalle:

An Interview With Joseph Shahda, Citizen Translator and American Hero by Patfish
A close look at one of the breaking issues with information direct from someone who’s helping to shape the news.

Andrew Card: Sometimes Nice Guys Just Leave by Mark Schannon
A nice retrospective on one of the key players in the administration who the public knew little about.

From Asst. Politics Editor Mark Schannon:

Apostasy Now: Charges Against Afghan Convert to Christianity Dropped by Greg Strange
Not only good analysis of the issue but its implications for future west-Muslim

Bush Comes Clean on War: “Of Course I Invaded Iraq For The Oil” by Adam Ash
Superb satire, well written, catches the president’s voice perfectly. I was laughing out loud.


From Sports Editor Matthew T. Sussman:

Matthew T. Sussman was unable to make any sports picks because he was busy, meaning you are all winners and he is a loser.


From Gaming Editor Ken Edwards:

Xbox Live Arcade Review: Zuma by Matt Paprocki
PopCap games will be the death of us all. And no, Matt is not kidding.

PS2 Review: Magna Carta – Tears of Blood (EU) by Andrew Ogier
Andrew writes: This is a really hard review for me to write. You see, most of my criteria to make a good RPG are not only met, but exceeded in Magna Carta, but the pieces don’t quite fit as they should.

Nintendo DS Review: Super Princess Peach by KingKRool
Not only did I really enjoy this game, so did KingKRool.


From Sci/Tech Editor Lisa McKay:

If you find yourself squinting at the screen more often these days, Howard Dratch has some sound advice for you in Will Blogging Make You Blind?

Anil Menon reports from the intersection of science and religion in When Prayers Attack, a look at the possibly deleterious effects of intercessory prayer on the ill.[ADBLOCKHERE]

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