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A veritable smorgasbord of treats from our writers - take a break from all that Oscar hoopla and dig in to the best from Blogcritics this week!

Blogcritics Editors’ Picks: March 1 Through March 7

As always, there’s something for everybody. Read and enjoy!


Music Editor Connie Phillips chose:

March’s Featured Artist of the Month – NOFX by Ryan Seay
Ryan stepped up to the plate this month to cover NOFX in the “Artist of the Month” feature and hit a home run. He began his month-long coverage with a complete history of the group, filled with little-known tidbits as well as quotes and pictures. Nice job, Ryan – I look forward to the rest of the month’s coverage.

CD Review: Black Cadillac by Rosanne Cash by Modern Pea Pod
Once again, Zach Hoskins from the Modern Pea Pod delivers a top notch review. Exploring more then just Black Cadillac, he gives us a comprehensive look at Roseanne Cash, discussing the influences and background to the music as well.

DVD Review: Traffic – The Last Great Traffic Jam by Paul Roy
It’s a very tricky tight-rope to cross, writing a review that points out the negatives, without coming across as just trashing what it is you’re reviewing. Paul Roy walked that line expertly, pointing out the shortcomings, but remaining fair and objective.


Books Editor Natalie Bennett chose:

Book Review: The Great Western Divide by John Spivey, by gypsyman
The fact that a Blogcritic is reviewing a book by another Blogcritic, and rave reviewing it at that, might have swayed me towards this article, but even ignoring that fact, this is a lovely review of a great-sounding book. Even if the Amazon budget is already blown this month, you can just enjoy reading the article.

Magical Words, Megalomaniacal Jedi Masters, and a Mercedes-Benz, by W.E. Wallo
Exploring the serendipitous links that can be made when running your finger along a “wildly disorganized bookshelf”, this article takes the reader from New Orleans, to a galaxy far away, to life on the open road.


TV Editor Joan Hunt chose:

TV Shows and Guilty Pleasure Viewing Habits by Jackie
Thank goodness someone else is fessin’ up! I’ve done enough disclosing of my guilty pleasure TV habits and I hate to be alone in my shame. Thank you, Jackie!

TV Review: Number One Single by knitmi
I thought I would get a chance to check in on this show and yet, somehow… I haven’t. Knitmi’s allowed me to catch up and catch on.


Culture Editor diana hartman chose:

Public Libraries Gone Wild by Greg Strange
What’s the difference between a library and a strip club? Not so much that you would notice in Greg’s humorous take on public policy.


Politics Editor Dave Nalle chose:

How I Found Harry in an Unfree World by Stephen V. Funk
A personal look at one of the late, great voices of alternative politics in our era. Full of great reflections, links and reminiscences.

Bush’s Katrina Smoking Gun by Al Barger
Political humor that’s actually funny to both sides of the aisle. A welcome change of pace.

Asst. Politics Editor Mark Schannon chose:

Cultural Relativism Is Threatening Hard-won Human Rights by Natalie Bennett
Confronts the difficult problem of a growing unwillingness to take on the PC police.


Sports Editor Matthew T. Sussman chose:

Interview With Jack McNamara, Australian Under-19 Cricketer by Pratyush Khaitan
My Desicritics alter-ego (newly appointed DC Sports editor), broke fertile ground by conducting the first interview in the BC Sports section. This time he interviewed young Australian cricket bowler Jack McNamara, who got his first taste of international play after being named to his country’s squad in the 19-and-Under World Cup. It’s always a treat to capture the starry-eyed stare of a young athlete and the world of potential ahead of him. Hopefully this work is followed by many more one-on-ones with athletes. In short, he’s telling me to get crackin’.


Gaming Editor Ken Edwards chose:

Marc Ecko On The Defensive Over His New Game by Matt Paprocki
“Gamers have a bug up their ass.” He’s right.

PC Game Review: The Guild 1400 Gold by Warren Kelly
Role-playing and civilization building in the Middle Ages — what could be more fun?

Mac Game Review: GooBall by Matthew T. Sussman
Think of GooBall as Marble Madness but with a four-eyed alien. Exactly!


Sci/Tech Editor Lisa McKay chose:

Rational Exuberance: The Next Technology Bubble Is About To Happen by Daniel M. Harrison
Daniel runs down some of the indicators that he thinks are meaningful with regard to the future of the technology market. Time to re-assess your holdings?

Why Aren’t You Using RSS? by JP
If the answer to that question is that you’re not quite sure what it is or why you might like it, then this informative piece is for you. A nice little intro written for ‘the rest of us.'[ADBLOCKHERE]

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