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Blogcritic’s Choice – Greatest Guitarist of All Time

Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent poll, Who Is The Greatest Guitarist Of All Time.

Not unpredictably, Jimi Hendrix received the most number of votes with 89, and the following represents everybody else:

Stevie Ray Vaughan in second with 43
Eric Clapton in third with 29
Jimmy Page in fourth with 28
Eddie Van Halen in fifth with 26
Robert Johnson in sixth with 18
B.B. King in seventh with 12
Keith Richards in eighth with 11
Jeff Beck in ninth with 6
rounding third and heading for last is the brown-eyed handsome man Chuck Berry with 4

Well, I can’t say that I TOTALLY agree with these results, seeing as how I voted for Robert Johnson. But I can’t argue with Jimi Hendrix being in the top spot, although I am SHOCKED, AND I MEAN SHOCKED that Stevie Ray Vaughan came in second. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Stevie Ray, but as far as Stevie’s go, I will take Miami Steve over Vaughan anyday.

Goes to show you when your dead, you get more cred!!

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