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black lives matter
Black Lives Matter protest in Union Square, New York City, July 10, 2016. Photo by Jon Sobel, Critical Lens Media

A Black History Program for White People

The election and continued support for the worst president in American history made me realize that some white people – enough to alarm me – can be conned beyond redemption. These people’s loyalty to Donald Trump is outside the scope of normalcy and they have proven that there is no amount of reason that would disrupt their blind obedience to the cult-like worshiping of Trump.

These crazed people are in the minority, but all they need, and what happened in 2016, is for another group of white people (middle-of-the-roaders) their size to join them, and they coalesce into a majority. Trump is bad enough, but a coalition like this could bring some really mad person to office and this scares the pants off of me. While Trump is using the power this coalition gives him to increase his wealth, some other madman could come along to use this power for something diabolical. This temporary alliance brought Donald Trump to office and although the temporary segment of the coalition now has its regrets, little can be done as Trump uses his four-year term to run stark raving mad through the Constitution while demolishing American institutions as he cash in.

Trump’s core supporters, polls show, number 30 percent of voters. That’s the quorum of irrational wackos that will remain intact even if the country rids itself of Trump. Here is what scares me. What if conditions in America become right again for this disgruntled group to be woven together with a sizable group of white middle-of-the-roaders by someone with even more malicious intentions than Trump? What if some person with malevolent intentions towards one of America’s minority groups, say, black people, captures the same loyalty of the Trump core as Trump has, attracting the same white voters that turned temporarily to Trump? African Americans would be in a world of hurt – this would be the fire next time.

Some kind of a wall has to be erected between the Trump cult and the middle-of-the-road white voter. These two groups must never again be allowed to form an alliance. This is a wall that Congress can help to construct with positive legislation aimed at isolating the Trump cult from the rest of the voting population. It is useless to try to placate them with legislation that expresses the decency of the American spirit. Everything the Trump supporters want rubs against the American essence, so it would be wise to build a wall what prevents them from fusing with other factions and giving rise to a tyrant interested in more than financial gain.

To this end, I have put together a series of poetry and lectures for knowledge, understanding, and conciliation called Black History for White People Only. The series is given in four forums dealing with slavery/the Middle Passage, dehumanization, biblical distortions, Jim Crow, and redlining. The goal here is to educate middle-of-the-road white people about their role in creating and maintaining the racial reality that exists in America. If this group of white people can be convinced that they have been given every unfair advantage the government could give them – via slavery, the Homestead Act, Jim Crow, redlining, and the terror of the Klu Klux Klan – and that this is why African Americans lag behind them in so many spheres, perhaps this knowledge will serve as a wall that will protect black people from a vengeful coalition of mindless Trump supporters and temporarily irritated white voters.

The Black History for White People Only program is formed of an agile group of black Southern personalities with experience in the subject matters at hand, and who carry an impressive resume of academic study. The programs offer a collection of poetry and matching lectures. Each forum lasts one hour and 15 minutes. The program will debut at McLeod Plantation in Charleston, SC in April 2019, and is now being offered to church and civic groups, schools, colleges, and fraternities. Interested parties should contact Horace Mungin at [email protected] or call 843 437-7567.

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