Thursday , February 29 2024
Okay, fine, I like Glee. Happy now?

Becoming Glee-ful

How good was Artie's "Dancing with Myself" last night on Glee?  No, it wasn't good, it was great, wasn't it?  It was a great use of a song, it was well sung, and then they're repeating the song when everyone was riding around in wheelchairs, but using the Billy Idol version was fantastic.

Then, I think one of the better stories they've come up with this season is the one between Kurt and his father.  Kurt's dad is clearly uncomfortable with his son, but doesn't let his own discomfort get in the way of his love for his son.  Kurt's dad would do anything for his boy, no matter what.  It's a solid message.

Obviously the show isn't solely full of positive messages and goodness – just look at Puck's putting pot in the cupcakes in order to sell more.  I'm not going to argue for Puck's actions solely based on thPhoto Credit:  Carin Baer/FOXe fact that he was pushing for a good outcome – I don't accept that the ends justify the means – but it was still a great way for the show to work their way through the story they had created.  I'm not suggesting that Puck's method would have actually worked in reality but it absolutely worked within the logic of the show – it got the club the money they needed, until he stole the cash, anyway.  Puck isn't necessarily a good guy and even though the show is full of positive messages, they don't feel the need to sanitize him.

Now, you might say that the show did feel the need to sanitize Sue last night, by introducing us to her sister.  I disagree.  Sue is inhumanly evil. She wasn't being sanitized last night via her sister; she was being humanized.  It's the sort of thing we've already seen from Sue before, and we're sure to see it repeatedly in the future.  It's actually a good move – her evil is all the more evil because we know that she can be human, is human on occasion. 

Glee was not a show where I particularly enjoyed the first episode.  It was not a show where I particularly enjoyed the second episode.  But, it's one of those shows that convinces me that I actually ought to stick with a series for several episodes before wiping it forever from my DVR.  Yes, that means that I stick with stuff like Eastwick longer than I should, but Glee tPhoto Credit:  Carin Baer/FOXotally makes up for that.

I'm not saying the show is perfect, each episode is really only as successful as the songs – they're the reason I watch.  The characters are interesting, the storylines are good, but it really is the songs that make the show, for me, must watch.  When the songs aren't that good, or when there aren't enough of them, I find myself disappointed at the end of the hour.

See, that's why I'll continue to insist that I'm not turning into some sort of Gleek.  Or, at the very least, I'll never admit to being a Gleek.  It doesn't make me a Gleek to want to buy the album from the show, does it?  Tell me it doesn't.  Please.

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