Thursday , January 26 2023
American Idol, Ann Coulter, John Edwards, The Academy Awards, and The Duke De Mondo on the anniversary edition of BCRadio Podcast.

BCRadio Podcast March 6, 2007: Happy Birthday, BCRadio Podcast

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It's the anniversary show, boys and girls!  BCRadio turned 1-year old this week.  Can you believe it?

This week's show is a good one, featuring five good minutes with Eric Olsen.  EO and I talk about the show, about me, about you, about all of us- mostly about me.  Naturally, this is my favorite segment.  We also talk a little bit about the Oscars and put this year's Academy Awards to bed.

Also joining me on the show is Dawn Olsen.  Dawn and I cover Mayor Rudy and his kids, Ann Coulter and John Edwards' hair, and even manage some time for American Idol.  

This week, we are also joined by our own Duke De Mondo.

As I did in the show, I want to thank publicly all of our loyal listeners and my regular guests:

  • Eric Olsen
  • Dawn Olsen
  • Eric Berlin
  • Phillip Winn
  • Joan Hunt
  • Matt Sussman
  • Mark Saleski
  • Mary K. Williams
  • A.L. Harper
  • Jon Sobel
  • Sal Marinello
  • Ken Edwards
  • Duke De Mondo

Without these fine folks and the others who have participated, I would not have a show and I wouldn't want to keep doing this one.  They really are, all of them, the best and I have had a great time doing the do with all of them.

Thanks for being here.

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