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BCRadio returns with March Madness, BC on the Blues, an Indie RoundUp, and The Duke.

BC Radio – March 20, 2006

Another episode of BC Radio, boys and girls.

  • BC Radio [1:36:06]

  • SEGMENT 1: Eric Berlin [14:21]
  • SEGMENT 2: Matt Sussman [13:27]
  • SEGMENT 3: Mike Street [10:48]
  • SEGMENT 4: Jon Sobel [13:09]
  • SEGMENT 5: Joan Hunt [13:25]
  • SEGMENT 6: Mark Saleski [11:45]
  • SEGMENT 7: The Duke [14:54]

    This week features a little more music coverage than the first two weeks of our BC Radio re-launch. We get an Indie Roundup from Jon Sobel. We get our blues fix with Joan Hunt. Mark Saleski is on the show for some damn reason.

    In addition to music, I insult Matt Sussman while we talk sports and he exposes me for the fraud I am when it comes to picking March Madness brackets.

    The Big Picture takes a hiatus but it takes a nation of millions to hold the indomitable Eric Berlin down. He joins us to talk about the first episode of Sopranos Season 6.

    BC Radio gets its first gaming news update from contributor Mike Street.

    Closing it all out is #1 Foreign Correspondent, The Duke De Mondo.

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