Friday , February 3 2023

Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus is the author of two books commissioned by Ulysses Press, "What Will Happen In Eragon IV?" (2009) and "The Unofficial Heroes Of Olympus Companion". Aside from Blogcritics his work has appeared around the world in publications like the German edition of Rolling Stone Magazine and the multilingual web site He has been writing for since 2005 and has published around 1900 articles at the site.

Every Picture Tells A Story

...break the laws of their country and illegally supply arms to the terrorists trying to overthrow the government of Nicaragua.

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Racism: Le Plus Que….

"This is what I find perplexing about the "race issue" in the United States. They seem to deal with it impressively. And they don't seem to deal with it at all."

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Demo Defined

...Demo. As in I demo, you demo, we demoed, let’s go demo at, and what are they demoing about over there?

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Woodstock Revisited

But as Elvis Costello said years latter “What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding”.

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Cultural Genocide

They look at tax exempt casinos, status cards, and free health care and say what more do they want?

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