Wednesday , July 6 2022

Tan The Man

Tan The Man writes mostly about film and music. He has previously covered events like Noise Pop, Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, South By Southwest, TBD Festival, and Wizard World Comic Con.

Mean Creek Review

What motivates us to do things? Why does the whole world seem to befall us? It seems that we all need to believe in the idea that the world revolves around us, and that every action will eventually come to affect us. As children, we think egocentrically, but as adults, …

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NBA + Age Limit = Good For Basketball

Last year, most basketball talk involved how good LeBron James of the Cleveland Caveliers was. This year, it is how amazing LeBron James is. What separates LeBron from the rest of the National Basketball Association superstars is that LeBron is only 20 years old and entered the NBA straight out …

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