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For a Movie In Your Mind check out 52: Part II

Audio Book Review – 52 Part II by Greg Cox, Based on the DC Comics Miniseries

52 is the title of a comic book limited series published by DC Comics which debuted on May 10, 2006, one week after the conclusion of the seven-issue Infinite Crisis. This is part II of 52

In part 52 Part I we find that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have disappeared. In their place came a new super hero, Booster Gold, who sold space on his outfit to advertisers, but was killed when he learned too much about the strange things that were happening around him. Black Adam, the superhuman leader from Kahndaq who tried to form a coalition against the U.S., found love and tried to change his ways. And Renee Montoya finally finds some hope when she is save by The Question who forced her to look at herself and question who she really was.

Once again, this Graphic Audio performance brings the story alive. The combination of sound effects and artistic vocal performances creates what Graphic Audio calls a “Movie in your Mind” – and that is truly what it is.

In Part II we find that Intergang and Chang Tzu are forcing kidnapped scientists to develop new weapons for them. Will Magnus is kidnapped by the scientists and forced to build a Plutonium Man robot. The scientists have also activated their Four Horseman of Apololips to target Black Adam and his new family. Black Adam's family are tricked into an ambush that leads to Osiris killing the Persuader while being secretly filmed. Grief stricken, Black Adam goes on the warpath, and no one can stop him

The Question, Charles Victor "Charlie" Szasz, takes Renee Montoya to Nanda Parbat so that she can train with Richard Dragon, and she finds out he is dying of cancer. Victor wants Renee to be his replacement. Renee's sometime girlfriend, Kate Kane, who is also Batwoman, has been captured, and it may be up to Renee and Nightwing to save her.

The questions to be answered in 52 Part II Can anyone stop Black Adam? Can Renee save the Question? Will Renee save Batwoman? Is Booster Gold really gone? Just Who is Skeets? And the larger question that needs to be answered is "what has happened to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman?"

The quality of 52 Part II and performance are the reason that I will be coming back to Graphic Audio products. You can also check out some of their other series as well. If you want you can download a MP3 excerpt, or purchase the GraphicAudio Book from their on-line Store. The story comes three ways: standard CD (the version I reviewed), MP3 CD and downloadable WMA with digital rights management.

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