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Who's anticipating the return of Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold to the Once Upon a Time landscape? The feared-dead Dark One makes his return appearance as the captive of Oz's Wicked Witch of the West (Rebecca Mader) in Sunday's new episode, 'The Tower."

Anticipating ‘Once Upon a Time’ – ‘The Tower’

Who’s anticipating the return of Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold to the Once Upon a Time landscape? The feared-dead Dark One makes his return appearance as the captive of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West (Rebecca Mader) in Sunday’s new episode, ‘The Tower.”

Yes, I know Rumple appeared briefly at the end of last week’s episode “Witch Hunt,” but the story continues this week as perhaps we learn just what Wicked has in mind for the very rumpled and captive Mr. Gold. But it’s not only Gold the Wicked Witch (AKA Zelena) desires. She is after David and Snow–and what evil has she in mind for them and their soon-to-be-born child? According to ABC, she has in mind a “dark surprise.”

Adding to the Storybrooke story, we are taken back to the Enchanted Forest and story of Rapunzel. The episode images provided by ABC show that David, Prince Charming himself, is somehow involved in Rapunzel’s escape from her tower!

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.


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  1. I can’t wait. He appearance at the end was so wonderfully mad, and stole the episode. I can’t wait to see if he’s faking the madness or really has been affected by his “death” and other factors. The Tower looks like it will give a creepy vibe as well.

    • I don’t think he’s faking. That eerie chant made my heart bleed. Poor Rumple!

      • I don’t think he is either. I’m actually afraid of what may have brought him to that state. I think it’s more than his sacrifice.

        • I wanted to add that the reason those pics put my fears of Zelena being Rumple child to rest. is in the promo she’s grabbing his face and it seemed almost seductive. It’s also a ploy that RUmple has used to make others uncomfortable during his deals with them. Getting into their personal space, etc. I think was was using his teaching methods on him

  2. I think there’s an excellent chance he’s faking, for many different reasons.

    It’s clear from that angry look he gives WW that he has full possession of his faculties. – his eyes show that. Oh and he’s clearly having none of what WW is trying to push on him, so…….If the writers are going to show her trying to use him like this, I hope we get to see him struggle mightily, outright refuse her – and then have a scene or two where he either dreams of Belle or calls out to her. Sadly, I could see WW punishing him for rejecting hr

    I’ve seen the idea posited that he’s gone insane to stay sane. I get that, but IMO that doesn’t work here…….It worked in the pilot, when Rumple thought Belle had died, when he basically deteriorated from the moment he found out she was dead. Going insane, letting himself go, was easier on him…..and then, of course, he chose to forget for 28 years because he couldn’t handle the pain.

    Here, he KNOWS Belle is alive, even in FTL where I suppose he’s first……caught. How could he not want to do all he could to find his way back to her? To Bae? Now in SB, he’s going to let himself go? Where is the fighter in him? He knows Belle is somewhere near; I don’t like the idea that Gold won’t fight for her, but she has to fight for him.

    My initial thought was that he was faking because of the “tricks up his sleeve” spoiler, but the fact that he continues after WW leaves is bothersome. STILL, you’re either insane/raving or you’re not; you don’t turn it off and on like a light switch. He’s able to clearly have a conversation with her without going off the wall… and well, back to her leaving? Who’s to say WW was completely out of the room when Gold continued his cackling. I just refuse to believe he’s given up. He fought for his life in NL when he had a Belle-epiphany; he had everything he wanted and sacrificed his life. There’s just no way I can see him sitting back and letting it go when Belle is out there, his happy ending.

    WW makes me sick, to be honest – I mean, she’s twisted and evil. She treats our baby like he’s some beast, some…… no one or nothing deserves to be treated that way.. Shoving food to him? No utensils? Then she’s trying to be sexual with him, biting her lip, flipping her hair, holding his chin…….and it’s just a giant power trip. I pray they won’t go the Graham/Regina route because that would just KILL Gold……..I guess they could try, but I don’t think anything could make Gold do anything with WW because his love for Belle, IMO, is stronger than the dagger’s magic.

    • I think she might use his love for Belle against him…or try. I can’t wait to find out!

      • She’d probably be stupid not to, but I don’t think she’d succeed…It’s my dream that his love for Belle overpowers the magic of the dagger. I really do not want some prosaic, boring resolution like Rumbelle somehow stealing the dagger back. What would the point of this entire storyline?

        I’m actually deeply disappointed that he’s still the DO. He’s changed, he sacrificed his entire life, and what’s his reward? He “died” (or whatever) still as technically the Dark One? If they don’t break his curse now…….then nothing makes sense to me.

  3. Oh and obviously Belle will save him, but I HOPE that this ends with more than just them regaining the dagger – that’s boring and it would make me question the point of having Gold being controlled. I say it’s time to break the curse already – he’s changed and he sacrificed his life. I want to see Rumbelle finally have story together, and they can do that if he has to face being mortal: 1) how is his physical condition? Have the years taken a toll? 2) He might be worried about dying well before Belle – and he might be concerned about being an older father. Bobby and Emilie would knock such emotional material out of the park.
    I just don’t see the point in deal with his being controlled if, in the end, he and Belle boringly regain the dagger and it’s there to be used against him.

    Just give me Rumbelle scenes……god, nearly 2 seasons have gone by and we never ever see them together

  4. I really cannot wait for these next few eppy’s of the show…it was an amazing last Rumple of the last episode, my heart ached for him.. I was thinking he made be sort of faking it, as trying to double outwit the WW, but I don’t think he is now…I’m now eeking out how he got like that in the first place… and I’m pretty sure he’s still got the magic braclet on..

    Belle will save him!, OH yes she will! :D, I can’t wait for Operation Rumple to start tomorrow night…Love to see Belle outwit the WW 😉

    • wouldn’t that be cool 🙂 Interestingly, The dagger (if you notice) still had Rumple’s name on it. Big Clue that he’s still The Dark One, and that she’s controlling him. There is magic only he knows, and what if WW is using him to destroy people?

      • oh yes 🙂 , tbh I never saw his name when I saw the dagger, I was too spooked out with the WW having it lol, soo he’s still the my mind i think if he took the cuff off he would be back with his power…I think the cuff is a major clue. I wouldn’t be surprised if the WW told Rumple to destroy the people, but why and also how was this curse brought about…we might know more in the next eppy..

        I wonder how Belle will find out about Rumple in SB…since Bae has disappeared….I get the feeling that Bae hasn’t turned and maybe captured somewhere…

  5. Hi, guys! Just some thoughts…Did Rumpel zap himself and good ol’ dad to Oz? Is that how Zelena found him and yanked out the dagger? I propose that Zelena is CONTROLLING Rump with the dagger now. She will do something terrible to Belle, Henry, the RoyalBaby, and Regina THROUGH RUMPEL, whom she learned dark magic from.

    • I think if he did, it was by accident. Rumple meant to kill himself–pure sacrifice. I agree Zelena is controlling him with the dagger, and he’ll be powerless to stop her (unless, as damaged hearts says below), he’s wearing that anti-magic cuff so he really can’t do too much!

      • I want to believe that true love is far greater than the power of that dagger…… It has to be. If not, I know I keep saying this, but what would be the point of this story? There has to be, don’t you think,. Barbara?

  6. I thought that Rapunzel had blond hair??