Friday , December 1 2023
my butt. Just kidding. Seriously, how are you spending your holidays?

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Every Christmas brings a new set of things to make you feel, well make you feel STRESSED. What used to be a really fun time for you as a kid, is now this “event” that many people dread, fear and resent taking over their lives. It doesn’t last one day, it lasts for about three months and it can be hell!!

But it doesn’t have to be. My sister has the right idea about Christmas. She does what HER immediate family wants to do, and that is keep it simple. They banned traveling, over-spending and the general feeling of wastefulness that comes with the holidays.

They stay home, only get a few truly treasured items and basically take it easy on Christmas. Eric thinks that is TOTALLY LAME, and I tend to agree.

Here’s what we do for the holidays. We try and squeeze in as many family activities as possible. The more chaos and confusion the better. We travel on Christmas and Thanksgiving exchanging children on the turnpike, rip through presents like they were each concealing a winning lotto ticket, eat good food, get asked if the turkey/ham/roast is too dry about ten times, and generally regress into old family habits. One brother is busy with friends and we NEVER see him, the other is sleeping on the couch prior to and right after eating turkey, the other one (Eric) is up in his office madly commenting/writing/emailing/checking stats and the sister(s) that includes me, are cleaning/cooking/helping my overworked and martyred mother(in-law).

Grandkids, nieces, nephews are all playing, yelling and otherwise having a great time. Then the most fun thing is family movie night, we all go and take in a family oriented movie, say “Lord of the Rings” or something equally scary for little kids.

I wouldn’t spend it any other way.

What about you? Express your ideal of the holidays in the latest poll!

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