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From zombies and superheroes to black light and bad proms, theme runs are everywhere this year, many raising money for charity.

12 of the Zaniest Theme Runs in 2015

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For many runners, the ultimate goal is to run a marathon. For others, it’s to participate in as many wacky races as possible. Running and fun themes are often mixed together today to create themed races that attract all sorts of crowds looking for a good time. If you’re one of those thrill-seeking runners, consider participating in one of the following runs this year.

1. Black Light Run

Participants are given white T-shirts covered in a neon glow powder to wear during the three-mile race. The nighttime course features black lights along the way meant to make the runners glow as they pass, and spectators can throw more powder on the runners as they go. The next black light runs take place in Portland and Albuquerque in April.

2. Color Me Rad

This is a 5K race that also allows spectators to throw colored powder over the runners while they run, but this one takes place during the day instead of at night. The next races are in San Antonio, Virginia Beach, Fresno, and Columbus, OH this April.

3. Hot Chocolate Run

Love running and chocolate? This race is for you. Participants can choose a five- or 15-kilometer route and receive chocolate bar-shaped metals, mugs of hot chocolate, and fondue dips at the end of the race. The best part is, all proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House charities. The next races are in April in Philadelphia and Minneapolis.

4. Zombie Evacuation

This course varies in length, but it is certainly a motivator for most runners, since they are being chased by bloodthirsty zombies. Participants are equipped with flags, and if they make it past the obstacles without a zombie actor getting their flag, they’re considered a survivor. Look for this race in a city near you on the spookiest day of the year, October 31st.

5. Superhero Scramble

Avid comic book fans and runners will love this race which allows you to dress up as your favorite superhero while beating obstacles worthy of a superhero, such as slime pits, climbing walls, and nets. All proceeds go to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. The race is slated to take place in New England this June.

6. Minnesota Monster Dash

Every Halloween in St. Paul, MN professional and amateur runners alike are invited to dress up in the most terrifying monster costumes they can imagine and tackle a 5K or half-marathon run. There are prizes for both the winners of the race and the best monster costume. Proceeds go to Team Ortho to help raise money for orthopedic research.

7. Electric Run

For another glow-in-the-dark racing opportunity, there’s the Electric Run, which features a 5K course with glowing trees, tunnels of light, and UV lakes. Proceeds go to charities fighting poverty. The next race is in Washington this May.

8. Denver Gorilla Run

On November 1 of each year, thousands of runners in Denver dress up in gorilla suits and join a 5K race in order to raise money for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.

9. Boston Urban Idiotorama

In the style of the Alaskan Iditarod, the Boston Urban Idiotorama involves teams of runners racing to fill their shopping carts with canned goods provided by spectators along the 3.5 mile trail in order to build up the food bank at the Boston Medical Center Food Pantry. The race is scheduled this year for April 4.

10. Cupid’s Undie Run

Though this race already took place on February 14, it’s still worth mentioning as one of the funnest races of the year. This romance-themed race invites runners to wear their underwear—and nothing else. Look for registration for next year’s race in Cleveland.

11. Mustache Dache

This race takes “no shave November” to a whole new level. Participants are encouraged to grow their best mustache for the race, though women and children are allowed fake or drawn-on mustaches. Look for this race in a major city near you in November and December of this year.

12. Bad Prom Run

Runners can enjoy a prom-themed 5K course while running (or dancing) to a beat reminiscent of your high school prom. Participants can dress up in prom clothing and are rewarded with a prom-themed dance party at the finish line.

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