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TV Review: ‘Glee’ – “The End of Twerk”


This week's episode got as much wrong as it did right. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Valentine Road’

Poster courtesy of HBO

Valentine Road is not an easy film to watch, but it is an important one. Read More »

When a Doctor Goes from a He to a She: Interview with Danielle (formerly David) Kaufman MD

Danielle Kaufman MD

Dr. Kaufman talks to us about some of the professional (and personal) ramifications of her gender identity transition. Read More »

Movie Review: Women in Revolt

An early seventies Andy Warhol film whose notable contradictions place it decades ahead of its time. Read More »

Movie Review: Two Spirits

Two Spirits beautifully tells the story of the life and brutal death a gay Navajo boy named Fred Martinez. Read More »


Closets—we've each got one. If you're intent on forcing open the door to another's, then be fair and be ready to allow others to rummage and sift through your own. Read More »

Berkeley City Council Paying For Sex Change Operations Is Ridiculous

The Berkeley City Council will vote on Feb. 15 on whether or not to give money for city employees to have a sex change. Read More »

Obama and the Left’s Insulting Identity Politics

The celebration of Ms. Simpson's appointment to Commerce proves just how silly and bigoted the Democrats really are. Read More »

Your Sex: How Lesbian or Gay Are You?

All men and women are attracted to their same sex; it is merely a matter of degree. Read More »