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Anti-Social Networking – What Hath God Wrought?

E 4

We have defined our social worthiness by people we have never met and allow to become our “friends,” and then to add to the incongruity, we become friends with the friends of people we’ve never met. Read More »

Truvolo: A New Device to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

truvolo teen driving safety

A pair of concerned parents created Truvolo, a device designed to monitor teen driving safety. Read More »

Google Glasses: A Vision of Brain-Blindness?

Google's augmented reality specs allow users to look out rather than down, but is this safer, or safe at all? Read More »

NTSB Cell Phone Ban Fails Logical Test

This nation faces many serious problems. Using your cell phone while driving is just not one of them. Read More »

So Cars Are Now For…Driving?

If the NTSB gets their way, a car will be just for...driving. Read More »

Book Review: Crazy Things Parents Text by Stephen and Wayne Miltz

Crazy Things Parents Text shows just how funny parents can be with a cell phone in their hands. Read More »


Chain-texting is the new nasty cigarette habit of Gen Y. "Qwerty" should be a dirty word. Text junkies need social rehab. Read More »

Lawmakers Propose Banning Texting While Walking

It's funny until someone gets hurt... Read More »

140 Characters, Huh

A writer tries to find out what can be done with just 140 characters and redefines the fountain pen. Read More »

Hyper-Texting Teens at Risk?

Can texting be dangerous? Or is too much texting just a side effect? Read More »