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Budget Cuts Urgent, But Fighting Child Hunger More Important

Hunger-fighting programs are some of the most inexpensive foreign policy initiatives you will find. Read More »

House Members Try to Eliminate Food for Peace Program

With nearly one billion people hungry worldwide now is not the time to cut hunger fighting programs. Read More »

Conflict, Hunger, and Malnutrition in Sudan

The latest outbreak of violence in Sudan has brought hunger and large-scale displacement. Read More »

Obama’s Foreign Policy Facing Toughest Foe: Hunger

President Obama is facing a critical foreign policy test with hunger emergencies unfolding in Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan Read More »

Remembering Marshall’s Speech in the Arab Spring

Even 64 years later the spirit of the Marshall Plan and the foreign policy ideal behind it is one we need to uphold. Read More »

Birther Drama a Distraction from Real Issues Like Global Hunger

Every second given to coverage of the "birther issue" would be more wisely spent addressing global hunger. Read More »

Congress: Food Aid Budget Cuts a Disaster

Budget cuts to food aid will put millions of lives at risk and be a disaster for our foreign policy. Read More »

Congress Planning Food Aid Cuts as Global Hunger Crisis Escalates

With nearly one billion people suffering from hunger worldwide, members of Congress are pushing for food aid cuts. Read More »

Welcome to the World, South Sudan

A new nation is about to be born. Read More »

From Hollywood Actress to Hero Fighting World Hunger

While attending a prayer retreat, Iris Gabriel developed an idea for feeding the hungry Read More »