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Book Review: The Hunger Angel: A Novel by Herta Müller

Nobel Prize winner's new novel describes life in a Soviet labor camp Read More »

The Aura of St. Petersburg

Indulging in St. Petersburg's unique aura of culture and history. Read More »

Book Review: Afghan Boomerang by Oleg Novinkov

First-hand experience about the wars fought in Afghanistan. Read More »

DVD Review: Norwegian Ninja

Ninjas in Norway? I just couldn't buy it... Read More »

Interview with T.H.E. Hill, Author of The Day Before the Berlin Wall: Could We Have Stopped It?

Kennedy blinked. Read More »

Book Review: The Patriot Paradox by William Esmont

A bitterness left from the cold war starts another form of revenge. Read More »

Vacating Red Square: Lenin’s Remains Might Follow Stalin’s

Russia seems to be moving farther and farther away from its Soviet legacy. Read More »

Book Review: Deathride: Hitler vs. Stalin: The Eastern Front, 1941-1945 by John Mosier

Stalin killed so many messengers that he soon began to hear only of great successes and marvelous victories. Read More »

Book Review: The Spy’s Demise by Jim Wygant

The Spy’s Demise follows the trail of an Ex-KGB spy as we learn about him not as a product of the Soviet Union but as an man. Read More »

Why Liberals Just Adore and Defend Moslem Terrorists – to Death

OR, The Torrid Love Affair Between Two of the Oddest and Strangest Bedfellows Imaginable Read More »