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A bitterness left from the cold war starts another form of revenge.

Book Review: The Patriot Paradox by William Esmont

Drawn back into a world of espionage by the death of his brother Mike, Kurt Vetter is already suffering the loss of his wife and child, Kurt is doing his best to forget his prior life. A plea from his mother brings him back to the states, to just one more pain filled memory. The death of his only brother.

Following the funeral, Kurt receives a package from Mike; a package Kurt now knows caused his death. He is immediately aware that with his newfound knowledge gleaned from the package, he too is in danger. Mike leaves a request for to Kurt contact Amanda Carter in the case of his death and turn the information over to her. Mike had copied the information, hoping to bring down the rogue faction of the CIA willing to start a war to get what they wanted. One-step ahead of the CIA, Kurt tracks down Amanda through the internet, and to London.

Amanda too is in intelligence and a good friend of Kurt’s brother. She grieves at his death; he had put himself on the line for her in the past and saved her life. His request for her help puts her in high gear. She takes the information to a friend to decipher, and she and Kurt try to stay ahead of their pursuers.

Immediately death begins to take a toll; the apartment of Amanda’s friend is incinerated, along with the information she gave him. However, she receives a summary of his findings, and understands the reason for Mike’s murder. Amanda and Kurt must track down the bomb and find a way to diffuse it before it is too late. Can they save a people and their way of life? How will they know who to trust when there are spies in the very heart of the U.S. CIA.

William Esmont has written a wonderful story of espionage and lingering distrust left from the end of the cold war. His characters are very human and extremely likable. In The Patriot Paradox, he has built a possibility of mammoth proportions. What would happen if a rogue group took it upon themselves to destroy a world power? Would they succeed?

Kurt is a great but unlikely hero, trying to bury himself in escape. His brother’s death brings him back to a reality he is not ready to face. His prior work with the CIA keeps him guessing just ahead of those that are now wanting him dead. He is somewhat of a klutz, and yet he draws you in. With an edge of your seat suspense you can only standby and watch as he continues to escape the traps laid for him.

Amanda Carter is polished and knowledgeable, the opposite of Kurt in every way. She is secretive and beautiful, and he finds himself drawn to her. She is the strength of their unlikely partnership, looking for understanding of the mess they are in. Without backup, they are sitting ducks, unable to stay ahead of their nemesis. The CIA has the technology to find and follow them wherever they are, and it is an intricate game of cat and mouse, staying one-step ahead.

This is a great story; it is fast paced and gripping in areas. It is thought provoking and keeps you entertained. The characters blaze their way, and will be fun to follow in further works. If you like action and spy thrillers you will enjoy this rendition. Well written, this book keeps you turning the pages. Once started I found it hard to put down.

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