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Book Review: ‘Everyday Las Vegas’ by Rex J. Rowley

Las Vegas

This is a scholarly book covering general problems caused by Las Vegas' rapid growth with useful information but few personal stories and little drama. Read More »

Book Review: Zero Chance of Passage: The Pioneering Charter School Story by Ember Reichgott Junge

Over twenty years ago, the Minnesota legislature passed the first chartered school law in the nation. It shouldn't have happened. Read More »

Social Issues and the Santorum War on Pornography

Some find social issues a walk in the park. Santorum would abolish all pornography, calling it mind changing and addictive. Read More »

Book Review: Tears of the Phoenix by Lonnie Beerman

The adventures, heartbreaks and triumphs of three boys and their families in a small southern town during the socially tumultuous 1960s. Read More »

Book Review: Life is Not a Candy Store: It’s The Way to the Candy Store by Tal Yanai

This spiritual guide to the road of life for teens teaches them how to overcome their challenges and lead happy and fulfilling lives. Read More »

Meet Tal Yanai, Author of Life Is Not a Candy Store: It’s the Way to the Candy Store

In "A Spiritual Guide to the Road of Life for Teens," Yanai encourages young people to become more aware of how their actions affects themselves and others. Read More »

Book Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

A fresh entry in the crowded young adult genre takes readers far from home. Read More »

The Ethics of Life

In a world of medical miracles we need to ask, is aging a good thing? Read More »

Google’s Ngram Viewer Reveals a Nation Less Interested in Social Issues

Google's Ngram Viewer reveals a less compassionate nation. Read More »

Book Review: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Riding a bike isn't the only thing that Auden has missed out on growing up. Read More »