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Vape Craze or Counter-Culture?

The term "vaping" takes on new meaning

For those of us relatively new to the concept, “vaping” is when someone uses a device, like an e-cigarette, that heats up liquid which turns into water vapor that is then inhaled just as you would with a cigarette. Read More »

Electronic Cigarettes, the Law, and Your Health

The vapor from e-cigarettes appears similar to tobacco smoke.

Banning or permitting products based upon whim and hearsay make weak government. The U.S. needs to act now by performing research. Read More »

E-Cigarettes May Dig Big into Tobacco’s Profits

electronic cigarette

It is estimated that revenue from electronic cigarettes will be between $1 billion and $1.7 billion this year. Read More »

Is Bad Breath Ruining Your Self-Confidence? Common Causes and Cures

bad breath

A simple adjustment in habits may be all that is needed to get you on the right track to being proud of your breath. Read More »

The Only One who Can Stop a Bad Man with a Cigarette, is a Good Man with a Cigarette

We are on a dangerously slippery slope leading to inevitable confiscation and the creation of a smoker's registry. Read More »

Cigar Futures: An Innovation in Cigar Marketing

Catching up to the wine industry, "en primeur" cigars are making their appearance. Read More »

Why I Enjoy Smoking Cigars

For my first Blogcritics article, I mention a few reasons I am into this great hobby. Read More »

India Still Confused Over Banning Smoking and Oral Tobacco

As long as we have policemen in the metros smoking openly in public, how can discipline be inculcated in the Indian common man? Read More »

How Smoking Affects Your Skin

Smoking doesn't just cause superficial skin problems; it causes adverse changes to the skin's ability to function and heal. Read More »

A New Era of Prohibition

Is the extended smoking ban in New York City a concern for our well-being or the beginning of stricter rules that guide our illusion of choice? Read More »