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Halloween Films – Go To List For Chills and Thrills


It wouldn’t feel like Halloween this year if I didn’t get a chance to view as many of these flicks as possible before the goblins, ghouls, and ghosts start their sinister shenanigans. Read More »

TV Review: Glee – “Michael”

Glee salutes Michael Jackson in a fitting tribute, while continuing to serve its own stories. Read More »

Halloween Fright Bites with Author Liz Lipperman

Liz Lipperman is too old to trick so she is treating... Meow! Read More »

DVD Review: Cursed (2005)

Before he was outrunning zombies, lawyers, and bank robbers, Jesse Eisenberg had to deal with werewolves. Read More »

Movie Review: Bad Teacher

Sort of a Bad Santa with teachers. Read More »

Movie Review: Scream 4

Reboot? Remake? Sequel? How about all of the above?! Read More »

Movie Review: Scream 4

Finds entertaining new ways to retread old ground. Read More »

Remembering Scream, Preparing for Scream 4

What are the rules of remakes and reboots if not turning a quick buck? Read More »

TV Review: The Vampire Diaries – Fall Run

The Vampire Diaries has maintained quality in season two, but did we really need werewolves? Read More »

Movie Review: Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Another Christmas season, another classic ruined by Zemeckis. Bah, humbug! Read More »