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Tragedy in My Children’s Alma Mater: The Arapahoe High School Shooting


A local parent and teacher speaks out on the Arapahoe High School shootings. Read More »

TV Review: Glee – “Shooting Star”

"Shooting Star" brings gun violence into the halls of McKinley impressively, but possibly out of step with the series. Read More »

When Series Break Genre

Glee jumped out of the comedy genre with a gun shot. Should shows break with a set tone? Read More »

Seeking a Motive in the Murder of Young Children and Educators

Here is some early information about the killer of teachers and children, Adam Lanza, of Newtown, Connecticut Read More »

Searching for Answers and Solutions in Newtown

Love, in reflection of God's own love toward humanity, is the ultimate solution Read More »

German Petition Reverses Violent Video Game Ban

German government backflips on violent video game ban. Read More »