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Limbaugh Says Actor Can’t Play James Bond Because He’s Black

bond 4

If you are thinking this is 2014 and why are we having this conversation, join the club. Read More »

Is Global Warming Behind the Polar Vortices?

Arctic sea ice : Winter weather : Roads around Newcastle were blocked by deep snow

All now seem to agree that global warming is real and ongoing. The new discussion seeks to determine the role of Polar Vortex in todays scheme of things. Read More »

The Newsroom: “I’ll Try to Fix You” – A Lesson in Truthiness

HBO's The Newsroom takes on truthiness Read More »

Will The Government Aid the Catholic Church in Enforcing Her Principles?

The choice seems simple, so why the debate? Must the Catholic Church pay for options they consider abhorrent? Read More »

TV Review: Chuck – “Chuck vs. the Zoom”

Chuck returns with new super-spy Morgan, and things aren't going so well for the titular character. Read More »

Billionaire Koch Brothers Aim to Change the Media

At a recent secret meeting of corporate millionaires, the Koch brothers announced a need to leverage change to the objective media. Read More »

Jesus Christ, Socialist?

Did Jesus Christ have a political ideology? Read More »

Rush Limbaugh’s Racism Unbound

Rush lets loose with another racist doozy. It's a good thing that he has an understanding black call screener. Read More »

It’s Hard to Tell the Players — and Make Money — Without a Scorecard

Those who want to hold onto money and power by dividing the world up into good guys and bad buys are having a hard time. Read More »

Supreme Court Justices: The Next Reality TV Stars

Would you want to try a case before a Supreme Court composed of Justices who have lives resembling the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Read More »