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Pro-Life Atheist Urges “Leave the Realm of Science”

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Hiding behind the humanist shield to deflect scientific discourse isn't a pass for legislating guesses. Read More »

Abortion: Why Pro Choice?

Abortion is a personal choice, not a legal debate. Read More »

Satire: Todd Akin Cries Out, “Oh No, I’m Not Pregnant!”

Shamed by his condition, Akin whisks himself off to a Family Planning Clinic. Read More »

A Choice for Conservatives

It's gut-check time for America's conservatives. Just how far to the right do they really want to go? Read More »

Quote Quiz: Women’s Right to Vote or Women’s Reproductive Rights?

It's easy to confuse quotes from the Anti-Suffrage Movement with quotes with today's debates surrounding Female Reproductive Rights. Read More »

Reproductive Education and Abortion: Does the “Woman’s Right to Know” Act Fill the Information Gap?

While all sides agree there is a gap, they don't agree where it is or how to fill it. Read More »

Cause Celebre: Actors and Their First Amendment Rights

Do celebs have a right to be outspoken? Read More »

Landmark or Landmine? Roe v Wade

It would be more accurate to say of Roe that the unborn have never been recognized in the law. Read More »

Dear Tea Party, Mitt Romney is Your Friend

Why Tea Party opposition to Romney is based on irrational fear. Read More »

Pro-Life is a Lie

How anti-abortion folks are using words to fool you. Read More »