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Oregon School Shooting – The President and the Media Get It Wrong Again

The problem with publicizing what a killer has done comes down to a responsibility and sacred trust that both the media and the president have forgotten. Read More »

On 70th Anniversary of D-Day – Remembering One Man’s Story


The truth is old soldiers do die, but they don’t ever fade away. Read More »

Quality or Quantity – Do We Really Need More Instruction Time?

school year

There are no easy answers in education, but the idea of adding more instructional time is like putting a Band-Aid on a gushing wound. Read More »

The Final Obama/Romney Presidential Debate

The third presidential debate ends successfully. Read More »

Can Will Smith Play President Barack Obama?

"Will and I have talked about this, because he has the ears!" President Obama said in 2008. Read More »

Messages of Hope and Change Won’t Work for President Obama in 2012

An exploration of President Obama's chances of winning the presidency in 2012. Read More »

For Yemen There Is No Alternative To Peace

For Yemen there is no real alternative to peace. This country has had enough conflict Read More »

Blizzard of December 2010: Apocalypse Snow

No matter how you look at it, people died and suffered and someone must be held accountable. Read More »

TV Preview: Mythbusters Tackle “President’s Challenge”

President Obama asks the Mythbusters to try Archimedes's Solar Ray one more time. The 2nd team goes after Hellboy. Read More »

Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Barack Obama becomes the fourth US President to win the prize. Read More »