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World Hesitant to Support Obama’s Plan for Syria


Some may find it strange to consider that some of our allies have shown hesitation to follow America in her preparation to attack the Assad forces. The British Parliament,,, Read More »

And the Band Plays On

Obama Climate Change Sppech June 2013 Scaled 300

So. It seems that our semi-illustrious president has once again succumbed to the temptation to appear before America’s voters in order to spread his own unmistakeable concoction of snake oil liberally sprinkled (as always) with half-truths, ignorance and outright lies. In yet another attempt to hornswoggle the nation’s voters into buying into one more of his half-baked, ill thought out ... Read More »

Americans and Chinese Vie to Do Business in Africa


Three reasons why African interests are more closely allied to the United States than to China. Read More »

In Berlin, Obama Calls for Arms Reduction


In liberal garb, Obama has revived his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. Is this a wise posture at this moment in history? Read More »

Congress Seeks, Russia Refuses No-Fly Over Syria


If Russia forbids a no-fly zone over Syria, and the American Congress insists upon it, it could be the worst setback in U.S.-Russian relations in several decades. Read More »

Presidential Concern over Guantanamo Bay; Drone Strikes


President Obama addressed two important concerns: a new era in the war on terror, and an ending of a foul complication of that war, the ongoing detention of terror suspects in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Read More »

Multinational Claims of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Responsible global sources cite chemical weapons use in Syria by Assad. Read More »

Economic Fallacy: Minimum Wage Doesn’t Cause Unemployment

At a time of high unemployment, raising the minimum wage is irresponsible. Read More »

Full Time Wages Should Not Mean Poverty Wages

It simply makes no sense that those working full time should need federal assistance to feed their families. Read More »

The Dow Is an Indicator of Price Inflation

Price inflation is real in spite of what Keynesians claim. Read More »