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I’m Voting For President Obama

I only see one clear choice here: President Obama needs to be re-elected. Read More »

Romney and Ryan Get Tough on Venezuela and Cuba

Ryan blasts Cuba policy in Little Havana; Romney lashes out at Obama Venezuela policy. Read More »

Interview with Jack L. Brody, Author of The Moroni Deception

“I tried to say some positive things that I could find whenever appropriate ... I did, though, want to work in as many true beliefs and historical facts as I could.” Read More »

Book Review: The Moroni Deception by Jack L. Brody

If you enjoyed The DaVinci Code, you'll love this one. In fact, think of it as The Mormon DaVinci Code. Read More »

Political Conventions Are Like Sporting Events

Why not get Biden and Ryan to go two or three rounds in the ring? Read More »

Praise and More for Clint Eastwood!

Clint Eastwood, liberal Democrat in disguise! Read More »

American Idiocracy: Todd Akin Edition

Senate candidate Todd Akin is far from fringe in this year's GOP. Read More »

Romney Recruits Ryan

Mitt Romney and the Republicans have selected insider and Tea party favorite Rep. Paul Ryan as their choice for vice presidential candidate. Read More »

Mitt Romney: U.S. Can Learn Something from Israel’s Health Care System

Mitt trips once (no, make that twice) again in Israel. Read More »

Outsourcing Jobs

Romney is NOT the "Outsourcer in Chief." Read More »