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SXSW Film Reviews: ‘The Diabolical’ and ‘Roar’ – Learning from Mistakes with Tipi Hedren and Ali Larter


Film fans and writers we can learn something from other people’s mistakes, for example, the SXSW screenings of 'The Diabolical' and 'Roar.' Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Automata’

Automata Banderas

An Earth scared by massive solar flares is the setting for a film noir sci-fi adventure which evokes both Isaac Asimov’s "I, Robot" and Philip K. Dick's "Blade Runner", but goes much deeper. Read More »

Theater Review (LA): No Way Around But Through by Scott Caan

Scott Caan's earnest but tedious romantic comedy makes its world premiere at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank. Read More »