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Book Review: ‘The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy’ by David Nasaw


What Caesar was to Rome, Joseph P. Kennedy was to America. Read More »

In Berlin, Obama Calls for Arms Reduction


In liberal garb, Obama has revived his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. Is this a wise posture at this moment in history? Read More »

Theater Review (LA): Marilyn – My Secret at Macha Theatre

Familiar incidents in the life of Marilyn Monroe are retold in this by-the-numbers comedy-drama. Read More »

Equality Beyond Measure: Reconsidering the Legacy of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action was initiated to level the field for women and minorities. Has it honestly lived up to its purpose? Read More »

Amerinomics, Part One: Going Back to School

Both the Austrian and Keynesian schools have flunked the American economy. Is there a better way for the future? Read More »

Asking Not

The Republican elites who opposed Democratic Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy and Johnson decried them as socialists too. Read More »

Presidential Approval: So What?

A lot of people disapprove of a president most of the time. Who is in office does not really matter. Read More »

Book Review: Berlin 1961 by Frederick Kempe

A fascinating look into the events of 1961. Read More »

Book Review: Stella The Fire Farting Dragon by J. Aday Kennedy

An entertaining and educational book that is sure to bring a huge smile to your child’s face. Read More »

I (Heart) the Lohans

How far backwards must justice lean for entitled brats like Lindsay Lohan? Read More »