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The Connection between a Clean Home and High Self-Esteem


With women working full-time and depending on cleaners to care for the home, children aren't taught how to keep house, and that starts a vicious cycle. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): ‘Lonesome Winter’

Christmas is coming; what better time for a descent into suicidal depression? Read More »

Hooked On Hoarders

Why we are fascinated with a show about hoarding. Read More »

TV Review: Hoarders – “Augustine”

And you thought your house was messy. Read More »

A Giveaway for A&E’s Hoarders

BC is launching a giveaway in support of A&E's Hoarders! Read More »

Packing Up Hoarders

If you think it's a serious show, it's depressing. If you think it's a joke, it could be hysterical. Read More »