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Five Trends in Healthcare and Product Diagnostics


A greater emphasis is being placed on early detection diagnostics, which can save lives and enhance the number of people who can access quality affordable healthcare. Read More »

Making Healthcare Sustainable and Healthy

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Recognizing that health is tied to the spiritual as well as the physical needs of the individual would go a long way toward decreasing healthcare costs, and more important, further promote lasting health for everyone. Read More »

Interview: Dr. Jim Bailey, Author of ‘The End of Healing’

"The End of Healing is about a heroic young physician’s quest to follow the money into the dark underworld of a corrupt healthcare industry."

"You have to write about something that you care about -– something that you care about a lot — or it will never resonate and you will never be able to finish." Read More »

Health Care: Taking Control and Opting In

Individuals "opting in" for medical care rather than medical care being the default, is simple, realistic, and cost effective. Read More »

Generation X, We’re Calling You Out!

As a generation, Millennials are often cast as lazy, demanding, and entitled by Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers. But are today's young people really the entitled generation? Read More »

The America They Believe In? Part I

The conservative right trusts Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to lead the United States back to prosperity. Can their plan really do it? Read More »

Spiraling Chronic Care Costs: How Can We Reclaim Control?

How in the world will we ever begin to control spiraling healthcare costs? Read More »

Profit at Any Cost

They will put you back in chains. Read More »

Mobile Tech Will Revolutionize the Future of Healthcare

There is no denying the fact that technology has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives today. Read More »

The Patient-Doctor Relationship in the Era of Healthcare Reform

Patients must work with their doctors for a healthier more productive lifestyle. Too often, a patient is looking for a “quick fix” and the doctor is limited on time to “fix” the problem. Read More »