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Book Review: Oxygen: ‘A Four Billion Year History’ by Donald E Canfield


For the basically scientifically literate or the truly curious, this is a fascinating, sophisticated account. Read More »

Book Review: Iowa Gems and Minerals in Your Pocket by Paul Garvin and Anthony Plaut

Unfold this guide to unearth a collection of beautiful Iowa gems. Read More »

Book Review: Planet Rock Doc: Nuggets from Explorations of the Natural World by Dr. Elsa Kirsten Peters

Planet Rock Doc compiles favorite features from syndicated newspaper columnist and geologist Elsa Kirsten Peters, covering energy, agriculture, climate, health, biology, physics, chemistry, and science history. Read More »

Ice Age Revisited: Glacial Grooves at Kelleys Island

See the largest and most famous Glacial Grooves in the world on Kelleys Island, Ohio. Read More »

Book Review: Here on Earth: A New Beginning by Tim Flannery

"The responsibility for managing this world of wounds we've created is uniquely ours." Read More »

DVD Review: How the Earth Changed History

Spellbinding and intelligent, the BBC does it again on the natural history front. Read More »

DVD Review: Dirt! The Movie

Looking for the dirt on dirt? Dirt! The Movie gives the skinny on why dirt is more valuable than gold. Read More »

Book Review: A Grand Canyon Adventure by Jennifer Slattery

This wholesome, engaging, faith-based novel for children integrates aspects of young earth science with a suspenseful storyline. Read More »

Book Review: The Edge of Forever by Jeff S. Chimenti

It's the end of the world as we know it... And Chimenti is in command! Read More »