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Ten Years After – Thinking About a Decade Spent at Blogcritics


During these ten years at BC, I have written about so many topics, all made possible by this forum where writers are welcomed, nurtured, and encouraged. Read More »

Music Review: Lou Caimano and Eric Olsen – ‘Dyad Plays Puccini’

DYAD_Plays_Puccini_CD_cover-624x553 (1)

Dyad's disc of jazz reinterpretations of Giacomo Puccini's classic melodies is a winner. Read More »

Contemplating My 500th Article on Blogcritics

It has been also a privilege to be here and to work alongside so many fine fellow writers. Read More »

THF: Jorge Posada Elbowed Jackie Robinson’s No. 42

We chat with James Tyler about soccer refs, and preview the MLB Umpires Network fall lineup. Read More »

Marcus Epstein, Pat Buchanan’s Executive Director to Be Sentenced for Hate Crimes

The Executive Director of Pat Buchanan’s American Cause is to be sentenced for hate crimes. Read More »