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The Trouble With Football

Football needs to stop cutting into better shows, at least until DVR technology improves. Read More »

Prospect Park Rattles the Cage

Prospect Park rises again promising to bring back OLTL and AMC... Read More »

Product Review: AverMedia HD EzRecorder Plus

I must confess that I like AverMedia's HD EzRecorder Plus more than I thought I would. Read More »

Product Review: Hauppauge WinTV-DCR-2650

Can your PC be both a TV and a DVR? Read More »

Lexus Style DVR

Are you in search of the Lexus of DVRs? Read More »

Demystifying the TV Ratings: An Interview with TV by the Numbers’ Robert Seidman

What do the TV ratings mean to viewers and to the television series we love? TV by the Numbers founder Robert Seidman tells all in an exclusive interview with Blogcritics. Read More »

House, M.D. and the Ratings Game: A Differential Diagnosis

What causes the ratings of a hit series to dip? It's complicated. Read More »

The Vulkano is on the Horizon: Will Place-Shifting Erupt?

Is the Vulkano just what place-shifting needs to take off? Read More »