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On Mixing Religion and Politics

I encourage values voters to think long and hard before voting for any Republicans on Tuesday. Read More »

Democrats vs Republicans on Health Insurance

There are clear differences between the Democratic and Republican parties with regard to health insurance. Read More »

How To Build A Better Congress

If we want a Congress worthy of our approval we need to make the Democratic Party our own. Read More »

It’s Time to Embrace Partisanship

Bipartisanship and compromise are dead. If we want a more effective Congress, we must embrace partisanship. Read More »

Will The MSM Report This?

Will the MSM report what Wasserman-Schultz said? Read More »

Green Corruption: Department of Energy “Junk Loans” and Cronyism, Part One

House Oversight Investigation reveals that over 85% of the 27, including the 23 “Junk grade” DOE loans have "meaningful" political connections to President Obama and the Democratic Party. Read More »

America, Freedom, and Ron Paul

America, don't fear freedom; embrace Ron Paul's vision so we can all prosper. Read More »

Why He Will

The debt downgrade, a lousy economy, constant criticism: Why Obama will win again. Read More »

The Modern-Day Liberal, A Portrait

"Liberal." Imagine everyday political discourse without recourse to this all-convenient label. You can’t! Read More »

Open Letter to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Am I to reward Democratic incompetence and cowardice with my scarce resources when I will need them for myself? Read More »