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Prevention Through the Eyes of a Spinach Skeptic


Some caregivers are finding that spirituality can be a key ingredient of good health – especially for prevention. Read More »

All Hands On Deck

Model used for illustrative purposes

In medical treatment, considering the whole person and his or her spirituality becomes an “all hands on deck” type of care. Read More »

Prayer and the Placebo

The effectiveness of prayer leads many to view it as more than a placebo. Read More »

Restoring the Heart to Healthcare

I am excited to see more on mindfulness and spirituality being included in medical and healthcare curricula. Read More »

Maintaining Health Through Mandatory Insurance – A Fuzzy Picture

Mandated health insurance policies should provide benefits to cover the services that individuals use to support their health. Read More »

In the Driver’s Seat with Health Care

The best treatment is individualized treatment, where the patient is in control, and healing starts from within. Read More »

Creating the Right Environment for Health

A look at what creates the right environment for health. Read More »

Policies Needed for Emerging Health Care Issues

The public's voice needs to be heard in health care policy decisions, including on integrative and complementary therapies. Read More »

An Alternative to Too Many Meds

Everyone knows that taking too many meds can be risky. But is there any alternative? Read More »

Medical Breakthroughs… From The Trash?

Sometimes medical breakthroughs turn up in the most unlikely places… even the discard pile! Read More »