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Mars-One: Would You Sign-On For A One-Way Trip to Mars?


Dying is going to happen whether you are here or on Mars. I don’t see myself as dying on Mars; I see myself as living on Mars. Read More »

‘Star Trek’s’ Nichelle Nichols – The Kiss That Changed TV Forever


Nichols certainly embodies the concept of the original series - boldly going where no woman had gone before. Read More »

Television Review: ‘The Real Story – Star Trek’


As Mr. Spock was fond of saying, "fascinating." Read More »

Why Do Students Cheat? Look in the Mirror

Cheating is rampant today and most educators know it, and students will admit to it in private and off the record. Read More »

Russians Look to Establish Permanent Moon Colony

I would like to reserve a room in that first Marriott that goes up near the Sea of Tranquility. Read More »

The Challenger Explosion: A Teacher Recalls That Fateful Day

Christa went for all of us, all the teachers who worked so hard every day, who loved their jobs and their students as much as anything in life. Read More »

DVD Review: Star Trek – Motion Picture Trilogy

Worth owning, but not double-dipping. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Star Trek: The Original Series, Season One

A strong visual upgrade for this highly entertaining first season of a sci-fi classic. Read More »