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Interview with Kalaivani Kumareswaran of Temple of Fine Arts’ (Singapore) ‘Dharma Ashoka – A Transformative Journey’


It is tough and tiring – but dance is passion driven so enthusiasm is always there to help with the creative process after a long day at work. Read More »

Interview with Vasudha Gangadharan of Temple of Fine Arts’ (Singapore) ‘Dharma Ashoka’ – A Transformative Journey


Funding for the Arts is a major issue not only for us, but generally in Singapore. Read More »

Book Review: The Buddha And The Dream of America by James Hilgendorf

James Hilgendorf's new book offers a unique perspective on what it means to be an American. Read More »

Find Out What It Means to Me

We are losing respect for others, ourselves, and our institutions. Read More »

Theater Review (NYC): The Buddha Play: The Life of the Buddha Assembled from the Original Texts

A humble, graceful, and worthwhile teaching – and a really nice way to spend an hour and half. Read More »