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Xbox One Review: ‘Fallout 4: Far Harbor’

Fallout 4, Far Harbor, DLC

'Fallout 4: Far Harbor' is the largest landmass for an add-on that Bethesda has ever created, and while it might not be Bethesda’s densest add-on ever, in comparison to the main game, its adept storytelling is a welcome surprise. Read More »

PC Review: ‘Fallout 4’

'Fallout 4' is another truly great game from Bethesda and one that is going to be generating unique stories and experiences for players for years to come. Read More »

Xbox 360 Review: Doom 3 – BFG Edition

Doom 3 is fear visually incarnated, with light crushing corridors and a facility creaking as it feels the strain of a hellish unknowns attacking Read More »