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Book Review: Bad Data Handbook by Q Ethan McCallum

Bad Data Handbook does a coverage of sources of bad data and how to deal with it in different contexts. Read More »

Book Review: Methods of Analysis of Food Components and Additives, Second Edition, Edited by Semih Otles

Written by leading scientists, this reference focuses primarily on methods of food analysis and novel analysis instruments. Read More »

Dealing with Obama Fatigue

Barack Obama's policy decisions continue to befuddle both his opponents and his supporters. Read More »

UN’s Millennium Development Goals in 2010, Summary and Soft Critique

The idea that a global mindset can be adopted at the state level is proof that globalization is still very much prevalent within UN thought. Read More »

“Terror Makes You Piss Your Pants!”: Caroline Glick Kicking Ass – Sorta

Caroline Glick - unrestrained satirist - shackled analyst. One wishes she could see how much truth there is in humor. Read More »

Book Review: Becoming Gay: The Journey to Self-Acceptance by Richard A. Isay, M.D.

A therapist tells of his monumental struggles coming out after heterosexual marriage and procreation of a loving family. Read More »