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The Anniversary of the Crash of Flight 587 – A Silence Too Loud for Words

587 3

Family members and friends of the victims all have no choice but to never forget, even though it will sometimes seem that other people wish you did. Read More »

How Was Your Life Changed By 9-11?

How my life changed when 9-11 occurred and how I view it today. Life has interesting surprises. Read More »

On Displaying of The Flag on 9/11/2011

There's a call to display The Flag on 9/11, but how long will it last this time? Read More »

The Last Peacetime Generation: We Were in Junior High on 9/11

We remember everything, but we knew nothing. We couldn’t define terrorism. Read More »

The Execution of Osama bin Laden

Does the killing of Osama Bin Laden represent what we stand for as the leader of the free world where democracy and the rule of law mean more than our gut instinct for revenge? Read More »

New York City: Two Towers Down But Still in the Game

Personal emotions surface on America's most tragic day Read More »

Obama Is Not Raising Your Taxes

EGTRRA of 2001 sunsets on December 31, 2010. Members of Congress have selective amnesia. Read More »

Music Review: Arthur Nasson – Echo Garden

“Echo Garden” concludes the CD with it’s most mellow incarnation (of three on the album) and becomes an uplifting inspiration. Read More »

DVD Review: Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (2009)

A rehash of the previous videos, but with scarier music. Read More »