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Soup is a liquid food that consists of a stock made with meat, fish or vegetables and often contains pieces of vegetables, meat or fish, or nearly any other ingredient the cook chooses to add. Popular soups in the U.S. include chicken soup, tomato soup, and pea soup, but people the world over enjoy soups of many different types. While many lighter soups can be served as a lunch or may precede a main entree at dinner, heartier soups can be a meal in themselves.

Soup is often considered healing and comforting. If you are sick and eat some soup it may make you feel better. Chicken soup is probably the most widely known and most popular of the curative soups. There is even a series of books called Chicken Soup for the Soul which has sold over 100 million copies. Soup is very popular in the winter and people seem to want to cook it more and more these days because it's a fairly affordable meal.

The Internet has become an easy place to find great soup recipes with sites like All Recipes or more niche sites like How To Make Chicken Soup which list the ingredients and everything needed to make a great soup. Many bloggers like to share soup recipes.

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