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Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Imagination is something we all cherish, but director Tim Burton brings his to life like no one else. Sure most credit goes to the awsome Roald Dahl who wrote the book, but watching Burton’s visions is a treat to the eyes. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hits the “oooo-aaaaah” button in your brain quite a few times with its’ whirlwind of colors, fun props, and scenery, beautifully rendered on screen.

The cast is wonderful, and Johnny Depp does a fantastic job of Willy Wonka. Teetering on the line between insane and inspired, the character of Wonka is enjoyably removed from reality, a real nut job whose off the cuff comments are rude but poignant. One aspect of the film which I deeply enjoyed was that the characters were well set up and fleshy. You know who these people are, even Willy has a wonderful back-story, and you want to go on the journey with them.

I would suggest seeing this film, even if you gotta pay full price, because it is unique, fun, and will keep you entranced for two hours in a neat little world where physics may or may not apply.

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  • Shark

    Thanks, Batboy.

    As I mentioned elsewhere, I loved it. And the backstory re. Wonka was the perfect addition. Screenwriter John August did a super job with that, imo.

    A fun, yet profound film.

  • shannon

    I just took my son to see this film and we both LOVED IT!! I have always been a HUGE Depp fan and he was FANTASTIC,he is a true virtuoso of his craft!! All the characters were very believable and entertaining and should be applauded for there fine performance’s!!

  • e.

    it was ok, i guess.

    (i liked the original better)

  • Tardar

    Gene Wilder and the Original Movie > than the remake.

  • It’s awesome. Willy Wonka is funny and imaginative. The kids are all cool, since they all have different personalities. Charlie is kind of lame, he’s too normal. But Violet is very athletic, Veruca is snobby and gets whatever she wants, and Augustus is chocolate-obsessed. Then there’s Mike TeaVee. In my opinion, he was the best character. Jordan Fry did a GREAT job as Mike. He’s a VG and TV fan that anyone would love. He’s funny and hates chocolate, but got the Ticet anyway. Mike is very smart and looks great. He wears cool clothes and has a nice hairdo that just shows you he’s smart. So you should see this movie just because of Mike. This film should be called “Mike and the Chocolate Factory”!

  • Lauren

    I tottaly loved the movie. Johnny Depp did a fantastic job and that’s saying somthing. I don’t like depp that much but I have to give him his props on this one. Tim Burton did a fantastic job. Did you know the chocolate room ,the t.v room, the inventing room ,the nut room, and charlie’s house and surrondings were all real? Well they are . And 40 of the squirrals in the nut room were trained and put into the movie. I can’t belive its coming out tomorrow! I’m so getting the deluxe edition.