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Poll: House, M.D. — Is “Huddy” Inevitable?

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As you all know, Dr. Gregory House (the inimitable Hugh Laurie) and Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) have been pursuing and sniffing each other out for nearly two seasons (or longer, if you count the years since the pilot). They are clearly into each other, and even Chase (Jesse Spencer) is asking about the relationship (he asked Cuddy in last week’s “Saviors” if she is in love with House). Wilson and Cameron have both nudged encouragement from the sidelines and several recent patients have remarked about the clear attraction between Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy and Dr. Gregory House (most recently in “Unfaithful” and “Locked In”). Interviews with David Shore, Katie Jacobs, Hugh Laurie, and Lisa Edelstein have all pointed to the inevitability of something significant happening between Drs. House and Cuddy (collectively known as “Huddy”).

House has courted Cuddy in his own unique fashion by restoring her medical school desk anonymously and coming to her after she lost the adoption (which ended in that passionate broken kiss in “Joy”). He pined for her in “The Itch,” almost finding the courage to knock on her door, but losing his nerve at the last minute, and in “Unfaithful,” he played “Cuddy’s Serenade,” as he sat in his lonely apartment during Rachel’s simchat bat ceremony.

Cuddy’s attraction is even more obvious, and had House not stopped himself at the end of “Joy,” the deed, as it were, would have been done already.

So, just for fun—and, as we await the concluding House episodes—I throw it open to you, my brilliant readers (and anyone else who happens by this space): do you think House and Cuddy will have sex by the end of the season? And if so… how, where, when? This poll simply asks where the deed will happen (if it does), I want you to tell me how, which episode, and under what conditions: is it a moment of emotional turmoil for House? Does comfort turn to passion? Are they both drunk (or stoned)? Is it an innocent embrace that spirals out of control? A tentative and awkward kiss that runs away with them both? Let the speculation begin!

And because you are very, very nice readers, I have a few clips for Monday’s episode to share courtesy of the also very nice people over at FOX programming! But beware, do not click “play” if you are staying spoiler-free.

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  • Monica

    comfort turn to passion

  • cj_housegirl

    MRI machine? hahahaha

    I think it’s going to happen and it’s going to happen in his apartment under the same emotional circumstances that led to the kiss. I’m hoping it’s raw, passionate and unexpected just as the kiss was.

  • Jaim

    I think it will happen at his place mainly because the kiss happened at hers. I think that she’ll come over to check on him much like she did in last year’s “House’s Head” but this time the moment will evolve into something much more intimate.
    They have confirmed it will happene before the season ends and Shore said they’ve found a cool way to have it happen. I just hope it is in fact real and not a hallucination or dream.
    Someone on a messageboard actually had an interesting theory that the sex is real, but because House has been hallucinating Amber he isn’t entirely certain that it actually took place, and he doesn’t have confirmation until the finale. It is rumored that he announces to the hospital that he slept with Lisa Cuddy in the season finale episode. But he always embarasses her like that so who knows what this all will add up to.

  • Katy White

    I think Jaim is right, except I think that it may happen out of House trying to work out whether or not Cuddy being in his apartment is a hallucination or not. Maybe he thinks one good way to test if it is (maybe she’s being suspiciously nice and he just thinks his brain is showing him what he wants to see) is to just outright kiss her, and push it on to something deeper a little faster than he might have done if he actually believed she was really there. He might think if Cuddy were real, she’d have pushed him away for trying it on. The funny thing could be that she IS real, she IS responding, and he doesn’t believe a moment of it the moment she lets him hit second base (remember her reaction the last time he tried that?).

  • Hilde

    If it does happen, I believe it will be awkward, just because House seems so uncomfortable in those moments on screen. I think it will be angsty, raw and probably something he’ll manage to ruin afterward, just because this is such a monumental thing that he’s wanted for so long. He does not do happy very well. Here’s hoping, though 🙂

  • Mary

    As long as it’s not a hallucination, they could have sex on the roof for all I care.

  • Stacey

    I completely agree with Katy & Jaim.

  • biany

    My guess is that if Huddy sex happens, it should be on House’s terms and in comfortable environment. Also, since producers said that it’s something we wouldn’t expect, Also, I think it’s neither of places that has been shot as ‘place for sex/sexual tension’ in previous series. So, unfortunately most probable is MRI machine or House’s head.

  • Barbara, Thanks for hosting this fun speculation! Your succinct and lucid survey of how the relationship of House and Cuddy has developed was a little gem. And the inventiveness, imagination, insight, and intelligence of your readers is a continual reward for all of us.

    Conditions: Wilson is terrified of what House would do if House lost his gift as a diagnostic god (“A Simple Explanation”?). Cuddy also fears this but she feels differently, as well. She has a deep yearning for House to find meaning in his personal life, especially with the new opportunity of Methadone, even if she loses her “star” doctor as a result (“The Softer Side”). If Cuddy sees House losing his medical gift, she’ll offer herself to him as an alternative gift so he won’t be completely desolate. The actual scene: House is despondent about his failing gift, Cuddy comes over to his home with the purpose of providing comfort temporarily and perhaps meaning and hope more permanently.(Unusual not white picket) 🙂

    The setting: Barbara, I like that you included the setting as part of our speculation. I especially enjoy how Shore and Co. are always very deliberate about where important events happen, adding to the ripples of meaning in the scene. I would wish that the further intimacy took place in his bedroom because of the scene there in the season 4 finale which also echoed back to the season 3 finale! I am referring to when House had had a heart attack and Cuddy was watching over him through the night at his home. When he demanded that she check his heart to verify that it was strong enough for him to go back to work, he roughly grabbed her wrist and directed her hand towards the strong pulse at his neck. To repeat this intention of proving the strength of his heart but with the purpose of showing his feelings for her would connect the flow of their relationship from season to season. But, as the kiss was in her hallway, I think the intimacy at House’s home this season will be in his living room. Perhaps they will save the bedroom for another season’s expression of love when House is not confused by hallucinations.

    Episode – when the ballerina can’t dance anymore

  • Pikrodafni

    House with a wife and a baby?? Over my dead body!

  • Zing

    I think that Huddy sex will be very real and in an intimate setting – either at House or Cuddy’s place. Additionally, I believe that it will be very, very real. Look at it this way – we know how David Shore’s brilliant yet slightly evil mind works (well, most of the time). He wouldn’t have the sex be solely in House’s head because that wouldn’t affect anything really. And who knows how many times House has already imagined having sex with Cuddy in his head. Take the strip tease for example – that didn’t really affect anything – and that took place in his head. I think that David Shore will take much more pleasure in dealing with the repercussions the occur because of House and Cuddy having sex. Lastly, I don’t think that the sex is going to happen for only one reason. I think it is going to be a culmination of reasons and emotions. We have seen in this season in particular how both House and Cuddy are keeping their feelings toward each other bottled up. It is inevitable that eventually these emotions are going to come flooding out. I think that is all.

  • Fun fun times! Thanks again Barbara, nice idea 🙂
    Just hope the whole ‘huddy arc’ is gonna turn out well (aka intense and husky) and not soapy or slushy.

    I would go for Cuddy’s office. It’s the more personal place in its impersonal-ness. I mean, it’s not a private place (it’s in the Hospital, duh), but they share memories (apparently) and they do have privacy behind closed doors and blinds. House’s apartment would mean less pressure, something more simple (which is not very housian). But in the office –it’s like a natural denouement of all the foreplay that has taken place all those years in the PPTH.

    So, my guess would be: House and co. (and Cuddy of course) partaying like hell in the next episode (5×22), major flirting going on, but nothing more. House suffering from insomnia, Cuddy offering to help by going to his house and looking after him, sparkles all over but they both are reluctant to do the big step (5×23). Enforced by this more intimate forplay, House takes the next argument of his with Cuddy (in her office of course) to the next level, by doing the bold move (5×24). Non?

    Well, probably not at all the way things are gonna turn out, but it’s so much fun -all this speculation. I’m sure Shore and co. won’t disappoint 🙂

  • lily

    Aww thanks for the clips Barbara! By the way, Barbara Barnett is the cutest journalist name ever, it reminds me of Lois Lane. In my mind you are running around the House set with a beret and scribbling furiously on a notepad LOL.

    I think the sex will definitely be real, and I hope that the tone/setting will be similar to the “Joy” kiss, in the sense that it will be an intensely emotional situation where their barriers are down and things get out of control before they have time to think. I can’t wait to see how it pans out, the writers have done such a wonderful job with these two, it’s such an unconventional and yet intense kind of romance.

    I’m not sure the sex will really change anything, though, they’ll probably be swirling around each other dysfunctionally in love for the rest of their lives, giving in occassionally and then retreating again, which is actually a kind of fascinating and touching concept.

  • Alessandra

    I really don’t mind where it happens. My only fear, and I’m sure it will happen, is that House will find a way to ruin it all. I mean, this relationship has been so cool until now, that I can’t imagine it being so brilliant and smart AFTER the “bold move”. I know it is complicated, and most of the huddy shippers would prefer them to make love, but I’d like more the tension before it, if this is going to end badly.
    Alternatively, the writers should find a VERY cool way not to disappoint me. They usually do it, so I trust them, in the end. But the fear remains.
    How screwed up am I? 😉

  • barbara barnett

    Hey, Lily–It does sound like a tailor-made journalist name, doesn’t it? Blame my husband 🙂

    j.i.m.–I agree that the setting is so very important to the story. Nothing happens in this show without a reason. Even settings. I have always loved the intimacy of those few little moments throughout the series run: the fertility shots (and his frank admonishment of using genetics alone to find a baby); the embrace in Half-Wit; talking about relationships on the balcony of the hospital; his admiring her legs and the way light hits them in Human Error; Of course, the kiss in Joy (but even more than that, the raw emotion in their expressions before it happened); the “merry christmas, Cuddy” in Joy to the World. Of course House’s Head and Wilson’s heart–both what happened inside his head — and Cuddy’s care for him in his apartment and as she sat vigil at his bedside.

  • lily

    Actually I don’t really care where it happens as long as they fix Cuddy’s hair first, those bangs are so distracting!

    I like Marianna’s idea about Cuddy’s office, but I’m not sure if they could get to the point where they were that vulnerable if they were in the hospital. But Cuddy’s office does have The Desk *giggle* that House gave her, so…

  • blacktop

    Love this survey! The intelligent speculation on how these two will hook up is almost as delicious as the actual event will be. I am sure that it will be for real, as David Shore will want to continue to play with our hearts and minds, but letting the relationship between House and Cuddy unravel in awkward ways next season.

    I think that they will get together in her home, because that is where House goes for solace, companionship, and to release his pent up intellectual energies. Over the past seasons, several signature scenes between this pair have taken place in Cuddy’s home, each one highlighting the warmth, comfort, and plain old excitement of their unusual relationship.

    The scene at Cuddy’s bedroom window in “Meaning” was not so much about the sexiness of a beautiful woman in a scant nightgown (though that was there in spades), but about the unbridled urgency of House’s drive toward finding the solution to the medical mystery. She reined him in with her stern practicality of course, but for me the key impact of that scene was the intimacy and openness of House seeking out Cuddy in the middle of the night.

    Again in “Half-Wit” we have House going to Cuddy’s home late at night, burning not with sexual passion but with the urgency of his intellectual drive. He has already solved the medical mystery, but now he wants to go further with a radical proposal that could improve the quality of his patient’s life. I love the sparkly exchange between House and Cuddy in this scene because of the whimsical energy and conviction he brought and the amused encouragement she contributed. I thought this warmly domestic scene summed up their relationship perfectly: she is the stalwart anchor which stabilizes his careening imagination. And of course the ass-grope sealed the image of this as a deeply domestic arrangement between two unusual souls.

    I am hoping that the love scene, when and wherever it comes, will be as moody, dark, passionate, raw, unsettling, and emotionally open as their kiss was.

  • Julia

    “this is such a monumental thing that he’s wanted for so long”

    LOLWUT? Don’t confuse what the Huddies want for what House wants. I mean, it’s cool to ship people and to wish they’d get together. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just that we’ve seen no canon evidence that House “wants” Cuddy in any way that isn’t superficial. Yes, he thinks she’s hot. But he’s also make similar comments about Cameron, Chase, and twenty or so other random people who have found their way onto the show. Does he want them all?

    The only thing I could think of that I would be able to seriously say House has “wanted for so long” is to be off pain meds and to not be handicapped. That would at least fit canon.

    The sex will either be a hallucination, or awkward and very temporary. Why? Because this is House and he’s not going to change into someone else for one episode, no matter what the plot device is. Apparently only Kutner can do that.

    Bear in mind this is the same show that uses out of context dialogue like Wilson telling Cuddy “I’ve always had feelings for you” and Cuddy asking Cameron “are you in love with House?” to create intentionally misleading promos. They want you to think things are going to happen that aren’t going to happen. They hire people to do just that.

    People like Ausiello leak misleading crap to the fans, and before you know it, there are people fully believing that House is going to not only have sex with Cuddy, but marry her and be her baby’s daddy.

    If House really did want that, don’t you think he’d have made some attempt before now? Cuddy’s been conveniently located in the office downstairs for ten years, give or take. And she’s not exactly playing hard to get. She’s playing…what’s the opposite of hard to get?

    TPTB want you to get all excited about something that might happen, because it gets them ratings. Who cares if the spoilers are accurate or not?

    Based on the last 4 seasons, I don’t predict the sex with Cuddy -if it even happens in real life and isn’t a hallucination- to be anything more special than her gratuitous strip tease in House’s Head or Cameron’s pointless robot molestation scene in No Reason. It’s fanservice, intended to get ratings. Nothing more.

  • ItalianHuddy

    I’m just so excited over the big thing finally happening that details do not quite make a difference to me, as long as we get the nookie! At any rate, I’d rule out they get carried away by a kiss, since it’d be way too obvious and too similar to the “Joy” kiss. And that’d be naive of Shore, which he’s not.
    I think they’ll happen to be at his place in the living room and they’ll just give themselves up to each other. It will be sizzling, raw and passionate, as they both have been pining for each other for a long time. So I’d go for the comfort turning to passion option, even though it won’t be chance alone to throw them into each other’s arms.
    I’d go for the second last episode, so that in the last one there’ll be room for the aftermath of the sex and the usual cliffhanger (the loony bin?). Maybe House will make up his mind to seek medical care and Cuddy will offer to stand by him throughout the process, which we’ll see in the next season of course. But I think we’ll find out about it in the last ep, there is AFTER the love scene.
    Anyway I don’t think it will happen as a hallucination, it’d be kind of corny for such a longed-for event. I totally agree with Zing!
    Aaaaaw I can’t wait for it, I’m sure it will not let us down!

  • xxx

    Does it count if I say that I don’t really want it to happen? Oh, I forgot… I already quit watching the show when the Huddy kiss was showed…

  • David

    I honestly don’t care where it happens, though I agree that House’s apartment seems more likely given the circumstances. David Shore said that they would be moving forward, which leads me to believe the act will, indeed, be real.

    “It’s just that we’ve seen no canon evidence that House “wants” Cuddy in any way that isn’t superficial.”

    Do you even watch the show or pay attention to anything that does not suit your interests? A more accurate sentence would be “It’s just that I’ve seen no canon evidence…” because I certainly have.

  • sandra

    Like a lot of people out there I think Huddy is a huge mistake, so I hope it will be an hallucination if anything happens at all. Well, I think it will actually be a hallucination or some sort of flashback (college, they’ve implied that). If I could wish for one I’d say: NOT AT ALL.
    In general I could simply quote Julia (#18) because ITA. 100%.
    Seriously, are there actually people out there delusional enough to think House and Cuddy will end up happily together?! LMAO, it’s not going to happen, so please forget about it. I have to question Huddy fans’ IQ everytime I read comments suggesting House and Cuddy might get married and have kids. Why do these people even watch the show?!
    BTW I think this Huddy sex fiasco WILL change the dynamics between House and Cuddy forever from funny, casual and simply awesome to weird and awkward. I’ll miss their banters, that’s for sure.
    Bear in mind, DS doesn’t care for Huddy fans, he cares for ratings, he knows there are more than enough people out there who don’t like Huddy at all, he’ll give you a bit of your Huddy craziness but that’s it. They will play with shippers (every ship!) till the end of the show but never give one ship fully what the shippers want, they’d be stupid to do so.

  • Cinnamon

    I think him having hallucinations has got to play a role…and since him only hallucinating the sex would be both predictable and disappointing (to the Huddys especially), my guess is that Cuddy goes to his place, comfort turns to passion, but House thinks he is just hallucinating. She is gone before he wakes up, only further making him think it didn’t happen. When he finally finds out that it did, he shouts it out to the whole world, as we have heard he does.

    But to echo Mary’s comment, they could do it anywhere as long as they do it!!! 🙂

  • ItalianHuddy

    To Julia and Sandra

    I think very few ppl out there either believe or want a “Huddy lived happily ever after” thing. We just root for the couple the way they are, that is flirtatious and complicated at the same time! I don’t think sex will change it overall, as both Shore and the actors pointed out many times.
    We’re not naive and certainly we know better than to believe Shore’s interests in fans is nothing but ratings based. That’s how show-business goes all over the world…
    We’re just having fun racking our minds on Huddy and to put it bluntly you guys are the ones acting all worked-up and raining on other’s parade. Just a piece of advice: chill out!! :-))

  • Fernanda

    God! How I hate this kind of thing…these stupid nicks “Huddy” …Grow up.
    House is an amazing character, imagine him as a normal guy, living in american way of life? He will change his motorcycle to a van to transport the big happy family?
    No way!!!
    Remember what Dr Cuddy said to Cameron, when she found about their relationship?
    I hope the writers won’t do this with the fans of the SHOW!

  • DrD

    First of all Barbara, thank you for allowing us to speculate on this. I do think location and setting will be so important to this monumental occassion as will the reality of it. With House experiencing so much irrationality right now, an intimate evening with Cuddy may be the only rational thing going for him right now. This season, as in subsequent seasons, Cuddy has played a pivitol role in helping House through many a crisis from his infarction to Tritter to his rift with Wilson over Amber….the list continues. No matter what has happened, she’s always been there for him and I see no reason for her to stop now. Given the current circumstances of House’s fledgling mental state, Cuddy may very well come to his aid in private at his apartment. It’s House’s sanctuary and his soul lies there. I feel the consumation of their relationship will be as a result of comfort but one that does involve this love building slowly between them. Even if things don’t pan out, as mostly likely they will not right now, House will no longer take for granted her dedication to him and her worries about him for these are the things which help him get through those difficult times in his life and allow him to never feel alone.

  • maya

    Barbara, your description of House and Cuddy “sniffing each other out” is both hilarious and accurate.

    Great comments as usual, blacktop and j.i.m.

    My guess is that neither House nor we, the audience will know whether the sex is real or a hallucination. Only Cuddy will know what happened and she may or may not choose to share the truth with House depending on his reaction and his mental condition.

  • Jair

    “It’s just that we’ve seen no canon evidence that House “wants” Cuddy in any way that isn’t superficial. Yes, he thinks she’s hot. But he’s also make similar comments about Cameron, Chase, and twenty or so other random people who have found their way onto the show. Does he want them all?”

    The writers have very clearly been pointing House as seriously considering a relationship with Cuddy the way he hasn’t since considered since Stacy. He kissed Cuddy and that rocked his equilibrium. He was the one standing outside Cuddy’s window, looking in, not vice versa. He sent the desk to Cuddy as a sign of their shared past.

    That said, I would be very surprised at a happy relationship being the outcome, as I’m sure many fans would be. But I won’t be surprised at the two having sex this season.

  • C&T

    Hi Barbara!
    This is fun. =D
    Love the options you have chosen. Had a great laugh at “in the MRI”. Wonder if that’d be feasable. LOL!
    I find blacktops reasoning very good and interesting, but with that spoiler pic in House’s appartment and insomnia and the restlessness that accompanies it, I’m opting on HOuse’s app.

  • sandra

    @ Italian Huddyfan:
    It is good to know that not all Huddy fans are delusional, you obviously are not, but there are many.
    “We’re just having fun racking our minds on Huddy and to put it bluntly you guys are the ones acting all worked-up and raining on other’s parade. Just a piece of advice: chill out!! :-))”
    Honestly I don’t really care, there’s more important things to do in life than worring about, so don’t worry about me 😉

  • Sally

    “his admiring her legs and the way light hits them in Human Error”

    Barbara, that scene is probably one of my favourite House/Cuddy scene ever because it’s very enigmatic and it is something that was very much unexpected from House. It was a genuine compliment and it felt so intimate and sexy, I really agree with you on that.

  • KC

    Hi Barbara!
    I have been reading your articles religiously ever since season 5 started and I just love everything you have to say 🙂

    I have no idea how the sex will happen, but I know it will most likely be full of angst and passion. I also think those who have said it could be real but House thinks its a hallucination (or vica versa) may be correct, especially since DS claims he found a “really cool way” to do it.

    “It’s just that we’ve seen no canon evidence that House “wants” Cuddy in any way that isn’t superficial.”

    Seriously? So going through all the trouble of bringing back her med school desk, spending time writing an incredibly accurate performance review about her, keeping her IVF a secret, protecting her job (Living th Dream), in general just observing her intently (stalking), etc. were all just schemes to get into her pants? Hmm, I guess I’ve been misreading his actions the entire time.

    I’d also like to point out that the striptease in House’s Head was not a pointless scene to simply show that House is sexually attracted to Cuddy(as I believe the scene in No Reason was pointless). They were participating in a DDX, and of all the people House could have chosen to bounce ideas off of, his subconscious chose Cuddy. The fact that it was a striptease is sort of irrelevant. Yes he is sexually attracted to her, but he is even moreso attracted to her mind.

    I think if he just wanted Cuddy for her body, he could have gotten what he wanted in “Joy,” and been done with it. The fact is, the kiss opened the floodgates of all the emotional feelings he had been supressing for her(for quite some time). In the Itch, House did not deny feelings for Cuddy when Wilson called him out on it, he simply gave excuses as to why a relationship wouldn’t work. Both House and Cuddy have been grappling with their feelings ever since the kiss and the fact that they are being so cautious does mean they are more than just sexually attracted to eachother.

    All this said, I will not delude myself in thinking they will have an even remotely happy or functional relationship in the aftermath of this, but the inevitable blowup will be interesting to watch.

  • Jen

    I just love this site! I read all of the posts and it is a great compliment to each episode! I think as someone said already, it will be real but House will think it is a halucination and be asleep when she leaves and only Cuddy will know for sure. Whatever happens, I don’t want the playful banter to change or the dynamic of the show to change. I love House, HL, Cuddy, LE and the entire cast. I love this quiz and all the fun this website has given me. Barbara, I look forward to Mondays, and then later in the week to your recap and all the comments! The final 3 episodes have been torture waiting for! Thanks again Barbara, see you Tuesday or Wednesday!

  • Val

    Ahh speculation…so much fun.

    I thought they have been inevitable from the very first time I saw them in S3 “Words and Deeds”. I remember thinking that this guy must really mean something to her if she’s willing to lie for him; the rest of S3 illustrated that they both meant something to each other. And, the pilot confirmed it for me (some of the BEST Huddy scenes ever, imo).

    I hope it is real, in House’s apartment (as every other step forward has been on her turf so to speak), and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had trouble believing it was real…perhaps Wilson would be the only one really believing it happened as Cuddy may deny it if House didn’t believe it happened. Ok. I am going to stop now…getting too speculative.

    Whatever Shore and Co. have done, I have complete trust that it will surely be unforgettable (just like the kiss in “Joy”).

  • blacktop

    All the comments here are so interesting! On the question of whether House will end up in bed with hallucination!Cuddy, I am not at all sure which way David Shore will go.

    But I do think it is possible because the show has been careful to demonstrate over the seasons that Cuddy occupies House’s mind in all its states. In “Top Secret,” sleeping House was visited by Cuddy in a dreams in which she told him she was “always there.” He was awake and consciously fantasizing about Cuddy during the striptease diagnostic scene in “House’s Head.” He also told Wilson about his shower fantasies which star Cuddy in “Top Secret.” Back in “No Reason” we learned that even while in a coma, House had Cuddy (along with others) on his mind. From “Unfaithful,” we know that House also muses on Cuddy when he is composing at the piano.

    So dreaming, fantasizing, comatose, or awake, House is preoccupied with Cuddy. It would not be surprising if we add hallucinations to this all-encompassing mix of House’s mental states. Cuddy is indeed always on his mind.

  • maya

    Barbara, I have an idea for how the sex will happen but it’s based on spoilers. Am I right in assuming that you wanted spoiler free speculation?

  • barbara barnett

    Thanks everyone for voting! Never tried anything like this before…just for fun. So tell your friends to hop on over and vote.

    Maya–I’m trying to keep this pretty spoiler free…thanks for asking and respecting that 😉

    As far as the comment regarding the absence of canon of House’s interest. I respectfully disagree. Why get her the desk? Why be so shy at her front door? Why pine away at the piano like that during “unfaithful?” So many other things…

  • Amy

    “So dreaming, fantasizing, comatose, or awake, House is preoccupied with Cuddy.”
    Well, actually it’s Cameron he’s been fantasizing and halluzinating just as much if not more so far, I wouldn’t be so sure of that. In fact, his mind preferred diagnosing over watching Cuddy strip, that tells a lot. And he’s often just as caring towards Cameron.

    “As far as the comment regarding the absence of canon of House’s interest. I respectfully disagree. Why get her the desk? Why be so shy at her front door? Why pine away at the piano like that during “unfaithful?” So many other things…”
    That’s how you see it from your shipper’s POV, you should at least be that honest to yourself. Every shipper sees what he/she wants to see for their ship. I bet every shipper – no matter which ship – could think of a lot of scenes and details proving House is in love with Stacy/Cameron/Wilson/Nurse Brenda/Hector/whatever. It’s a fact that DS is currently pushing Huddy, but interpreting Huddy into every little detail is simply wrong. And it can be over just as soon, you know.
    For example, look at the scene in Saviours – House looking hurt at Cameron’s declaration that she wants to marry Chase but not at this time. So that’s proof he’s in love with Cameron? Hameron shippers say yes, you might say no. Or House caring for Wilson’s diet – he’s in love with Wilson too?! He cares for all of them, these guys, Cameron and Chase as well as Wilson and Cuddy are his friends, his family. And sure he’s attracted to the beautiful women (Cameron as well as Cuddy, and I guess even Thirteen) around him, which guy wouldn’t be?! Of course he is, he wouldn’t be normal if he wasn’t! Shippers are so irrational, it can be really annoying.

  • Mary

    Contradiction, much, Amy? It’s amusing how the bitter ones crawl out of their little holes to lay their frustrations on the table every single time they see folks who are actually enjoying the show well… enjoying the show.

  • David

    That’s how you see it from your shipper’s POV

    I’m sorry, but I’m not a shipper and I, too, saw those things. They were all canon. No one had to gasp at straws to fabricate it, there’s a difference. Generalization is irrational.

  • Lucia G.

    I think it’ll be a hallucination because David Shore said that they had found a “really way to do it”. Sounds to me, cool as in they give in to raving/screaming(?) House/Cuddy fans but the same time since it really didn’t happen they don’t have to deal with consequences for Cuddy/hospital or House or story lines. And DS & co are not known for their continuity. But that is malady these days in Hollywood/TV-land, not exclusively of House’s.

    Hallucination = the easy way.

  • Orange450

    Barbara, thank you so much for the clips! They are absolutely amazing, and it’s going to be even harder now to wait until Monday. (When ignorance is bliss, ’tis indeed folly to be wise :-))

    Regarding the Huddy sex. Oy, I don’t know how I got to be such a buzzkill. I was seriously considering not participating in this discussion, but in the end, I couldn’t resist, so everyone should just feel free to ignore me, or disagree, and I won’t take offense.

    I honestly don’t like this season’s emphasis on Huddy sex. Not that I have anything at all against sex. Far from it. It’s an incredibly important part of a relationship. But that’s just the issue – it’s a *part* of a relationship.

    I think that in hands other than David Shore’s (because he doesn’t like happy people :-)), House and Cuddy would have great potential together as a well-matched, albeit somewhat unconventional couple. That probably can’t happen. But IMO, given that House and Cuddy each have way more than their fair share of relationhip-impedance issues, I would have found it much more interesting during this past season to see how their actual capacity for a sustained, more-or-less healthy relationship with each other either developed or didn’t develop over time.

    I want to hark back to House and Stacy’s “penultimate moment”, not to dwell on the past, but to use it as an example of what I think was an effective way to portray a complex couple’s physical relationship. It took us by surprise; it was almost an afterthought. Its purpose was to provide fallout that would have to be dealt with, as the relationship was propelled to a new and urgent level. We were not voyeurs – indeed, if we blinked, we would have missed it.

    I don’t see the point of Huddy sex if it simply results in their thinking that it was a bad idea. After all, they’ve been there and done that. We already know that one night, House gave Cuddy everything she wanted, and apparently, they didn’t repeat it. (I know it’s different now, but still…)

    I could see it happening if the intent was to indicate that their relationship has now moved on to a different stage. But as the focal point of the story? As the object of all of this intense speculation? I can’t help feeling that for me, it devalues some of the really significant issues that both of them have been dealing with this season – separately *and* together.

    Oy again. I really don’t mean any disrespect. Just offering my opinion, FWIW.

  • Kim

    Wow…for sure this is my favourite blog…and that is all your fault Barbara 😀

    Do you think House and Cuddy will have sex by the end of the season? Yes.

    How? She will hint to House that she is ready to move forward. And he will reach her in her home.

    Where? Cuddy’s Home

    When? Next Episode (5×22)

    Background Music? I’m Yours; Jason Mraz

  • Flo

    I am not a shipper. I mean, like I said on the last topic, I watch the show as a whole and I’m interested in every characters and every interactions between all of them.
    I am not more interested in a particular pairing or ship or whatever than to another. That’s why I didn’t wanted to post something here. I’m more interesting in kind of subjects brought by Barbara’s previous essay but I feel the need to say this as a “just wait and see” viewer:

    I agree with you Amy when you said that shippers can be irrationnal and overanalyzing. On the other hand I disagree with you on the fact that seeing House having feelings towards Cuddy is just a shipper thing.
    I’m not one and I do see canon evidence of his interest in her.

    Now of course seeing a proof in every move of the character is too much. Some shipper really overanalyze and greatly exaggerate some facts and yes it can be really annoying.
    That being said, even if Barbara likes Huddy, I don’t think that she is an “irrational shipper” as all her essays and reviews prove it.

    I don’t want to be rude to anyone but people who refuse to see any evidence of attraction and affection between two characters (whoever they might be) are not just biased but also in denial. However, considering that a viewer can’t be completely objective, accusing all ‘pairing fans’ of being ” just biased shippers” can really be annoying too.

    ps: You can now go back on topic or/and ignore this. Sorry for the digression. All my appologies to all of you.

  • Celaeno

    All I can say is that I will be one unhappy Huddy fangirl if Shore & Co. cheapen the big moment by either

    A. having House hallucinate the whole thing, or
    B. having House BELIEVE that he’s hallucinating (whether or not he realizes afterwards that it was real).

    If he’s hallucinating – well, it would just be anticlimactic. The fallout’s half the fun! And if he believes he’s hallucinating, the actual act won’t mean as much. You know?

    I quite like the idea of it happening under the same emotional circumstances as the kiss, but the recent interviews (“We’ve found a cool way to do it!”) make me doubt that it will happen in such a conventional way.

  • Alexandra

    I’m just gonna give a big thumbs up to Flo’s post as I couldn’t have said it better myself, but AS a ‘shipper’. However, for the rest there’s no speculation on my part. I don’t care how it happens, when it happens… so long as it does. I have faith in the writers that they won’t go counter-character with the fall-out and they won’t ‘change’ them so much as peel back their layers and show realistic growth.

  • Amie

    Wow! More than 650 votes! Great idea doing a poll!
    Since you’re trying out polls, it could be nice to do one about who your readers are? A triple poll “gender/age bracket/continent where they live”

    Thanks for the sneakpeeks! Everyone was getting desperate and now every spoiler website has links to your videos!
    Barbara, you have saved the day!

    Actually, I don’t really care about the sex happening but I do care about them taking their relationship to another level.
    Since it is clear for everyone that “this relationship is doomed to blow-up”, it would be a really cool stunt if DS took everyone by surprise and made it work out (but not too much either). THAT would be unexpected!
    That said, I like the idea about him thinking it’s a hallucination while in fact it is real (but of course, he has to find out it’s real latter on, otherwise, why bother, as someone said). The hallucination part is just what trigger’s it, he wouldn’t have his barriers up.

    About when the sex will happen, it reminds me of the “pop quiz paradox”. If the sex is meant to be a surprise to us, and it is meant to happen before the end of the season, then it won’t happen.
    Explanation: suppose it happens in episode 24, then after the 22nd and 23rd episode, knowing it didn’t happen in those, we would know for sure it happens in the 24th. It wouldn’t be a surprise so it doesn’t happen in the finale. So, it can only be in the 22 or 23. Suppose its in the 23rd. After episode 22 on Monday, since it wouldn’t have happened, we would know for sure it’s in the 23rd since we already excluded the 24th. Since we know this, it won’t be a surprise, it can’t be in the 23rd. So that just leaves the 22nd. Since we know this, it can’t be a surpise and so the sex doesn’t happens.
    I don’t know if I made sense. If I didn’t, just ignore what I just said. This is my Math/Logic brain in overdrive, waiting for the last 3 episodes to air.

    That being said, I think it’ll happen in the finale. How else have us come back in september (well, at least for those interest in seing the aftermath of the sex). That, and my interpretation of some vague spoilers…(so my guess is as good as another’s).

    And just a last word to those who think that “being in a relationship” = “getting married + kids + a station wagon”, well, all I have to say is “come and join us in the 21st century!”
    I really don’t think anyone (that is, shippers, anykind of shippers even, Cuddy/Cameron/Wilson/Stacy/Hector(LOL by the way)/etc…) expect or want this for House…

    Thanks Barbara for helping us making it through till Monday!

  • Sue

    I think it will be a mirror image of what happened in Joy. House came to Cuddy when she was vulnerable. This time, Cuddy will come to House when he is at a low point. He has insomnia, hallucinations, and he will lose his diagnostic mojo. He will be at home, and she will come to his house to help him. I think he will think she is Amber, and he will think he is kissing Amber rather than Cuddy. He will think he is having sex with Amber. When he finally realizes it is Cuddy, she will be so angry, she will storm out of his place, and their relationship will be over.

    If it happens this way, House will not have given in to his emotions and acted like a real person. Wilson can’t find out, but if he does, he will be upset. House will be so upset, he will go crazy and end up in the funny farm with Wilson’s brother. He will detect that Wilson’s brother has a medical problem causing his mental illness, and the brother will end up being normal again. They brought Wilson’s brother back into the story so House can cure him. But, they have to be in the institution together for that to happen. Curing Wilson’s brother will bring House back to his normal self, and he will then return to the hospital.

  • barbara barnett

    Fascinating speculation Sue. I like it (even if I don’t completely agree that it will happen that way–or even hope it does.)

  • Chrisden

    Barbara! Great idea for this article but unfortunately a post like this always brings out the claws :)).

    The spoilers are brilliant (hope i get to watch the ep)and i enjoyed reading 80% of the comments.

    MY OPINION: I think the sex will be real, it’s at House’s apartment, in the episode “Under my skin” 5X23. But maybe Amber taunts him afterwards telling him Cuddy loves him and he is incapable of loving her back or he can’t perform because Amber is there (highly unlikely but with David Shore and Co you never know).
    She was in the DDX taunting him.

    I also think they’ll leave the/lack of relationship on a limb (because of House’s inevitable mental breakdown being more of a focus) and let the obvious break-up go on into season 6.

  • sdemar

    Similar to Matt Damon, I think it will be on the bed, on the floor, on the towel bar by the door, in the tub, in the car, up against the mini bar–

    I love this relationship and the beautiful and twisted way that Hugh and Lisa bring to their roles. It is deep and complicated and filled with a great dose of sexual attraction & protectiveness toward each other.

    The “event” will take place at House’s apt. I have spent enormous amount of time trying to figure out the “cool” way that they will move forward and can only come up with it being real but House will think it is a hallucination. Cuddy won’t tell him because she will leave before he wakes up after 6 days of not sleeping.

    In season 6, it will slowly creep back to him and he will casually ask her “did we have sex” and Cuddy will only smirk until one time she leaves his office and he will say she has a mole on the small of her back, which will stop her dead in her tracks. He will get up and slowly lift her shirt to reveal that mole. BUSTED. And they will continue on as they always have-banter filled with sexual overtones with a mutual love and respect in their own twisted little world that only exists for House and Cuddy.

  • sdemar

    I forgot to include when I think it will happen. I believe it will be in the finale because Lisa said it was her favorite episode other than the last few from last season.

  • Grace

    I really only have one thing to say. I wish they weren’t going to have Cuddy and House do the ‘deed’ while House is so messed up.
    IMHO it’s not going to mean much to either of them if House is half out of his mind.
    I still don’t understand WHY they can’t give him something to put him to sleep?
    Does anyone know?

  • Sera G

    Hi, Barbara!
    Fun, fun, fun!
    Since it is our chance to fantasize, here goes:
    There has always been such intensity in all of their dealings that however it happens, the event should be passionate and REAL. Please, Mr. Shore, no hallucinations or thinking it might be so. Also, I do not want it to be under the influence of any substance. That gives to much opportunity to pretend they didn’t mean it. They mean it!
    With Rachel,(where has she been anyway?), Cuddy’s house might not be the most conducive. I do agree with the poster who said that is where some of their best/most heartfelt moments have occured. However,I think it would feel fake when they send the baby to visit her grandmother!
    Please, not at the office, that just feels furtive and cheap. It worked for Cameron and Chase in the supply closet because they are young and wanted the danger of being caught.
    For House and Cuddy I want it to happen in an emotionally secure place where they can feel free to express what has been repressed for sooooo long. That is why I think it will be at House’s apartment. Cuddy has not gone there too often and it would be an interesting dynamic to have it more on his ‘turf’. Maybe he will serenade her later.
    I have nagged on and on that I think their relationship has the ability to work, contrary to some opinions about how that changes a TV show. House and Cuddy are far from the typical romantic couple and I think the writers could have great fun exploring what being in love and being part of another person’s life could do for these two. They would never be boring, they would snipe and squabble as much as they always did. The added element of their acknowledged love as a backdrop to the bickering would reaffirm that the sniping is mostly protective covering. I would love to see TPTB give it a fair shot.
    When will it happen? I am hoping for “House Divided” so I have 2 more episodes to watch it happen all over again, but I am sure it will be the last 2 minutes of the finale. Then I will agonize all summer.

    Again, Barbara, thank you for this wonderful place. I love reading your thoughts and those of fellow House fans. Even when we disagree, it is always in the spirit of enthusiasm for a show we all clearly love.
    P.S. Trying desperatly to stay spoiler free!

  • Johnna

    Hi Barbara!

    Oh, boy, you’ve given permission for us to speculate…am I the only one who thinks this might be slightly dangerous? LOL.

    Well, here’s my two cents. I definitely believe I can trust the writers to be real on this. They’ve been true to the “Housian” style of all the other episodes, and as a person who has been watching steadily, I have faith that the Huddy Arc will be no different.

    While a Huddy Halucination makes me put my tongue in my cheek and smirk a little, I don’t think it will happen that way.

    The whole of Season 5 has been about exploring the emotional side of all the characters, including House of course. I think it’s interesting that in these last few episodes, House is having hallucinations…because hallucinations are anything but rational. Irrational phenomena for our favorite “Rational Man?” What could fascinate and frustrate our dear House more than that?

    I think House will keep having these hallucinations, and Cuddy will once again have to “rein him in.” She will have to explain to him that not all things are rational, including emotional responses. House will become vulnerable again in front of her, and only her…and we all know what that leads to, don’t we?

    This is only my opinion based on what I have seen so far this season. I believe House will struggle mightily with the rational versus the emotional, but that Cuddy will be the one to begin putting it into perspective for him.

    And yes, I sincerely hope that House does NOT become sappy, but again, I trust that the writers know how to make this believable and real for us. They’ve been doing that for five seasons–why stop now?

  • Anna

    Even if it does happen, it won’t be anything remotely permanent. I think they’re making such a mistake by this. The only people that are happy with it are the die hard huddy fans. I use to ship Huddy back in season 1 & 2, but during this season it’s been turned into something forced instead of just natural feeling flirting.

    House at this point is not in his right mind anyway. I don’t think his been completely in his right mind since Amber died. I don’t think much can be said if he sleeps with her due to that. Cuddy has a child that she should be concentrating on instead of trying to get with House.. As House has state many times, he can’t work when he’s happy or not in pain. So even if he’s happy with Cuddy, he would leave because, as we saw in House’s Head, solving the puzzle rules over everything else.

  • Sole

    I’ve been questioning if it might be a dream or not, but the writers have been mentioning that the relationship will not last long. This seems to be hinting to the fact that it might be real.

  • Louise

    Barbara, you are David Shore’s gleeful accomplice in pulling our strings! What a delightful poll!

    Yes, I think the “deed” will be done, but I think it will be “out-of-town.” That’s where the rules don’t apply and “just this once” can justified. I do like the idea that House may be left with some uncertainty as to the whether or not it happened. No way will it lead to something stable and boring!

    I keep smiling just think about how they will set us up and pull it off in a “Housian” way. The writing has been so good this season–it is difficult to imagine a television series that gets even better in Season Five. I think the House team has managed to do that!

  • By DrD, “Even if things don’t pan out, as most likely they will not right now, House will no longer take for granted her dedication to him and her worries about him, for these are the things which help him get through those difficult times in his life and allow him to never feel alone”.

    I think that this fact of Cuddy’s dedication, loyalty and protectiveness towards House is one of the main supporting beams of the House MD framework story. And this protectiveness is reserved for House alone (Saviors). But what emotions inspire her actions? That is slowly being revealed even as it changes. As Val mentioned, “Words and Deeds” was a redefining episode for House and Cuddy. She risked almost everything meaningful in her life for him and she had a lot to lose. This knowledge changed how he perceived her and himself. He was worth risking everything for and definitely not alone. Physical intimacy with Cuddy at a time when House would think that he had lost much of his “value” for her and in his own eyes as well, would again redefine how House perceives Cuddy and himself. I imagine that is the underlying reason for all the excitement about the sex. It will be a further canon revelation to us and to House about why Cuddy stands by him, this time even when he has seemingly lost his superpowers (mojo). (Lois Lane?)

    Thanks maya, for the compliment. I enjoy reading your posts over at HHOW. The more you write, the more I like it!

    Kim provided her choice for background music which was “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. I was thinking of “At Last” by Etta James but now I’m not sure if it would fit with a confusing hallucination scenario. Etta might have to wait for another season. 🙂 (The music would most likely be inserted during an ending montage rather than while House and Cuddy are together.)

  • JL

    Well, I wrote a terrific bit for this last night and it didn’t post! Hmph!

    Right. I would just like to say to any remaining ‘Huddy shippers are delusional’ people:
    “HELLO?! HELLO?! The song was, ‘I’m in love with a girl’! While HOUSE was looking through CUDDY’s window! (oh, and Chase and Cameron were clearing out drawers together) ANVIL ALERT! He’s in love with her! It wasn’t exactly subtle!”


    I have no problem with people not being into ‘Huddy’ and I don’t like people over-analysing Huddy into everything – it’s not the main theme of the show, House is – but I really think that debates about whether House *has* feelings for Cuddy are really irrelevant at this point. TPTB have worked so hard to leave no doubt on that one whatsoever.

    So… where were we?

    Oh yes, my opinion. I’m going to be terribly predictable and agree with Orange. 🙂

    After the above-mentioned scene in ‘The Itch’, I wanted to murder David Shore. A casual House/Cuddy fling would have been easy to get past, but NOOOOOO! he had to go and make me CARE about it! He’s given us plenty enough reason this season to invest emotionally in this relationship, so he’d better make sure it’s not dealt with perfunctorily (we’re trusting you, David! you’ve got hearts in your hands!).

    House and Cuddy can have sex if they want to. They can even have a Relationship and break up if they like.
    But if things are just allowed to return yet AGAIN to ‘House is forever miserable and unable to change Ad Infinitum’ then I’ll be disappointed.

    When people say, “Of course, it can’t last,” I hope they mean that, if these two try being a couple right now, they will break up. “Sex = Huddy ever after” would, of course, be ridiculous. And very boring, to boot.

    But having complications and break-ups does not preclude these two from ending up in some sort of relationship in the long-term. It just means the show’s trying to keep it real and interesting.

    “The course of true love did never run smooth” is an *ongoing* maxim; life doesn’t suddenly become straightforward after the kiss / the sex / the relationship / the break-up / the wedding / whatever, etc.

    I find it both heartening and disheartening that people are on both sides of this one. David Shore saying that, “if House can have a relationship with anyone, it’s Cuddy”. Katie Jacobs saying she can’t make up her mind whether it could work out or not. Keeps it real.

    My basic hope for this storyline is that House’s relationship with Cuddy continues to be treated as an important and ongoing part of his life. And I hope that, however The Sex happens, it is used to this end. TPTB have tried very hard, so far, to maintain artistic integrity (my opinion) – I look forward to see how they’ll play out House’s story.

  • JL

    Oh, right – the predictions:

    Episode 23, House’s apartment (H/C are private people), enough pain to give them an excuse for caring about each other, enough alcohol to give them an excuse to everyone else the next day (she for doing something she doesn’t think is sensible, he so he can pretend it was *just* sex).

  • barbara barnett

    Been enjoying the predictions and reasonings, everyone. I would agree that H/C being very private and guarded people they wouldn’t say “oh what the hell, everyone expects us to do it, let’s just do it.” There’s a lot (A LOT) of emotion going on there between them beneath the surface and it is clear from “Joy” that it would take very little for it to be unleashed.

    If it was “just sex” House would not have been so reticent in “The Itch,” he would not have taken his own words to the reclusive patients to heart–or thinking about it so hard when he got home and was playing the guitar. He willed himself to be impulsive and go to Cuddy’s House. The fact that he peered in her window and left so disappointed in himself tells us (that and the song) how deeply invested he is.

    He sits in his apartment plays what is clearly a piece played thinking about Cuddy while she is celebrating. Maybe his staying away was his gift to her. I think had she really said at the end that she wanted him to share this, he would have stayed away anyway, but come right at the end–or while she was cleaning up afterwards. But I think he truly believed that she didn’t want him to be there and bring the celebration down with his cynicism.

  • marina

    my pick is episode 23, the ballerina can’t dance anymore just like the 2 of them can’t keep playing games and doing their oh-so-famous dance any longer..if it happens in the finale it would be annoying cause we have to wait 4 months to see how it plays out..finally i don’t think huddy shippers are biased, it’s kinda obvious these characters care for each other and have quite a history together so probably it won’t be ‘just’ sex.

  • andree

    I expect House will be so exhausted from his insomnia that he’ll slip up and say something revealing to Cuddy. She won’t know what to do and he’ll make the move. He’s too tired to keep his own defenses up and will inadvertently be himself, say what he thinks and tell what he wants. Cuddy will be stunned at his emotional vulnerability but charmed and feel the need to be open too. The deed will likely happen in House’s house. Cuddy will awaken shocked at finding herself in bed with him and bail out fast. She’ll question herself for taking advantage of House when he’s weak and recognize he now has “dirt” on her (sleeping with your underling?) and she’ll deny it ever happened and claim he was hallucinating.

    House will have found some sort of personal undergarment she overlooked in her haste to leave and have his proof. She’ll wonder but hope he’ll confuse it with a prostitute’s past visit. He’ll know because he doesn’t hire prostitutes just claims he does because he likes how it makes him look like a bad boy who cares nothing for others opinions.

    House will become obsessed mulling over the puzzle of why Cuddy doesn’t want him to remember what they did. Complicated, right? My guess is that Cuddy remembers the sex and passion but wants to forget it ever happened because she’s afraid of being vulnerable and rejected by House, fearful that she took advantage of him in his exhausted state and played her hand before she should have with no idea if House was being randy. The other side of the complicated coin is that House can’t remember the sex and passionate details but wants to remember and needs to know if Cuddy was doing it out of pity or out of love. He’ll start to question his grasp on reality and perhaps doubt his sanity and end up at the psychiatric hospital on some patient matter (Wilson’s Bro?) and find himself learning about his personality issues and that happiness is not a mutually exclusive condition to genius. He’ll begin to make strides in season 6 towards getting Cuddy to admit her feelings and when she won’t he’ll presume she’s not in love with him and he was projecting his thoughts onto her.

    Cuddy will continue to deny it and he’ll continue to say they did it. It fits their pattern of play – him bragging he “hit that” and her telling him “in your dreams!”

    House will tell Wilson in some unusual way and ask Wilson to observe Cuddy and try to find out why she won’t admit it. Cuddy will know to expect this and convince Wilson House has lost his grasp on reality. After all, she has a child and needs to keep her job as well as her self-respect and dignity. She’s as complicated as House.

    House won’t know how to react and that will make for some very angsty episodes in season 6. And who doesn’t love that?? Hopefully, House will start to recall specific images and feelings of that night based on some dreams or patient related cases and put the pieces together and eventually realize he told her loved her that night. That ought to freak him out and he won’t know who to turn to. Then of course he’ll wonder why Cuddy is rejecting him after he told her that.

    That would be a fun path for the show to take. Especially if the viewers aren’t really sure right along with House. As for the undergarment or possibly an earring or whatever, it may be the proof the viewer needs to know to connect what actually happened that night in some long off episode from now.

    Okay, back to reality and my yardwork. Looking forward to Mondays!!

  • barbara barnett

    OK, Andree. I gotta say I love that scenario. It won’t quite happen that way (I don’t think) but I can surely see it happening!)

  • Ariel

    Your comments are always much more lucid and thoughtful than the show itself has been, I am sorry to say. I used to love the idea of House and Cuddy hooking up, but the children inhabiting their characters in season 5 – not so much.

    Watching this so called courtship has been cringeworthy. So let’s just get on with it, get it over with and I’ll hope the writers summon their mojo back next year. Although that seems to be asking a trifle much given the dreaded possibilities that seem to be popping up everywhere I look. Jumping the shark? Maybe. Flying over the cuckoo’s nest? Mother of Mary say it ain’t so. Even Hugh Laurie won’t be able to save me from toppling over on my living room couch. After all, how many times can a person’s eyes roll to the back of their head without some consequence.

    I do appreciate your thoughtful pieces about the show though. You are an abashed fan and have a wonderful forum as well as the talent to present your analysis and insights. TPTB are fortunate to have someone as passionate and articulate as you writing such positive articles.

    As for me and my increasing frustration with what used to be my favorite show, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve read “Hugh could read the phone book and I would love it.” That about says it all for me. It is easy to ignore poor writing when one is enthralled with a performer.

    I know it is easy to say “don’t watch it if you don’t like it,” as though there is no room for frustration or discourse about the direction and quality of the show. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t get so exasperated. But I do fear the day will come (sooner than later) when I won’t care anymore simply because I won’t be able to tolerate the ridiculous anymore. I hope I am wrong.

  • Debbie

    This? Is awesome!

    Thank you so much, Barbara for giving us a forum in which to speculate the inevitable get-together of House and Cuddy.

    I had to laugh at one of your choices as to where it will take place being the MRI machine! LOL Well, if it did, it would be the first time something positive happened in there. I affectionally call it the MRI machine of Doom.

    There’s only one way that it would happened that I would be extremely disappointed in; in this week’s episode, there will apparently be A LOT of alcohol flowing. And I would hate it if they finally got together while either one or both of them were drunk.

    I speculate and hope that it will happen in House’s apartment. Cuddy will go there, worried for his well-being. And comfort will turn into passion. Very heated passion.

    P.S. Funny, of all 67 posts above me, I’ve not come across one that someone speculated that the impending consummation is going to lead to a walk down the aisle, white picket fence, a minivan with a car seat. :/

    This is House (and House, MD) we’re talking about. Of course this isn’t going to lead to happily ever after. I for one anticipate the inevitable fall out, whether it’s in the next scene, the next episode, or the next season.

    See, I told you I love angsty!House!

  • j.i.m.

    The following is a fanciful and unlikely scenario of hallucination sex punctuated by a more satisfying “real” ending, or “the best of both worlds”.

    House hallucinates sex with Cuddy that is intensely passionate, interspersed with the occasional comical touch. He thinks the sex was real and broadcasts the news loudly at PPTHospital the following day.

    That night, Cuddy knocks on House’s door in high dudgeon and demands an explanation. He invites her in. House’s explanation, a description of his hallucination, turns into an inspired, unintentional form of sweet talk. Cuddy succumbs in raw fictional reality this time. We see both versions, the passionate-comical and the raw-real.

  • Gobiworm

    Wilson: It will all be because of Wilson. Wilson gets drunk at bachelour party, dances with guy, passes out drunk with guy or more. House gets jealous seeing Wilson with guy, realises why he was jealous has to prove it to self he doesnt feel that way. Jumps Cuddy.

  • carolyn

    my bet, even though I completely don’t want it to happen this way at all, is pretty much what everyone else has been saying: he’ll sleep with her at his apartment in episode 23, think he’s hallucinating, and not know whether it was real or not in episode 24. Then Cuddy will tell him she’s pregnant at the end of 24, which will be the comment that shocks him into realizing that it did actually happen

    but I really hate that scenario, it seems to soap-operaish and I can’t even picture the show when House was a legit father. Everything would just be sooo dark and depressing all the time, especially if things were too tensioned between House and Cuddy to have those momentary respites of humor between them. Plus Cuddy already has a baby, and I don’t think they would make her pregnant, you might lose a lot of believability from the show . . .

    I think the fallout is inevitable, but I do think there’s potential for House and Cuddy in the long-run. I could see like the very last episode of the very last season, they’re finally together in a happy relationship – not necessarily married, but with a good conclusion somehow. At least that’s what I’m hoping, because I really would like to see House happy in the end, and I think Cuddy is probably his best shot for that. Plus Hugh Laurie has said (more or less, I don’t remember the exact quote), “I know as a viewer I would like to see them (House and Cuddy) have some sort of a happy resolution together.”

    can someone please reassure me that the Ausiello blog has been wrong before? because I was trying to remain spoiler free, happened to see one of his headline’s by accident and really didn’t like it and now am kind of freaked out that it’s definitely going to come true

  • barbara barnett

    Carolyn and others who think Ausiello is referring to House. For the record, I don’t. Although I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy (tried it once, didn’t care for it), I’m told that ausiello’s scenario fits that show even better and is far more likely since one of the parties involved is actually pregnant (and it would be a good way to work it in).

    I don’t think cuddy will get pregnant as a result of whatever happens between her and House.

  • Kim

    Cuddy pregnant? that would be too much and too soon..and I’m a Huddy shipper.

    j.i.m –> Loved your last scenario. That will piss off most of the viewers, because at first we will think that it was a hallucination and that’s all what we are going to see.
    So when the people will be disappointed. They’ll be catch us out by surprise, making it real.

    Well today is my Birthday! Yep!24 years of living and craziness. And one of my best gifts is to have found this place and the beautiful people which take part in it.

    Thanks to all of you,

  • maya

    Barbara–Thanks for confirming that this is spoiler free speculation.

    Like some of the people here, I haven’t been happy with the way some parts of the House/Cuddy arc have been written this season. But I am sure DS realizes that it’s an important moment for both these characters and I am confident that he must have put some thought and care into the writing. The kiss, for instance, was written perfectly and I wouldn’t change a thing about it even if I could. I am looking forward to seeing what they will do with the sex.

    The show likes paralleling and mirroring previous situations so it’s likely that Cuddy will end up going to House’s place to check on him. I do think that he will be confused about whether it happened for real because his mind will have lost the ability to distinguish between reality and hallucinations by that point. He’ll be desperate to know the truth but will be too proud to go and ask Cuddy for the answer. For her part, Cuddy will tell him nothing happened between them but we won’t know for sure if she’s lying to him because of his fragile mental state. They’ll keep us guessing all summer about what really happened. We may not even find out for sure next season because Cuddy may decide not to bring it up with him in order that things return to normal between them. And so their relationship will get yet another layer of mystery and complexity.

    j.i.m. — I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before but the music playing in his mind could be “Got You Under My Skin”. The lyrics go nicely with the idea that House wants to give in to her despite his doubts and fears, in particular the lines:

    “I’ve tried so not to give in
    I’ve said to myself this affair never will go so well
    But why should I try to resist when I know so well
    That I’ve got you under my skin”

  • Kim, Happy Birthday! I found “I’m Yours” on youtube. It’s a beautiful song and fits House and Cuddy in so many ways.

    maya, Thank you for the great call on the Cole Porter song. He was such a brilliant genius and the sublime creator of music infused with scintillating wit, sophistication, and divine romance. “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” is almost too perfect for the occasion. I found several versions on youtube. I like Michael Buble’s live version the best, even better than Sinatra’s.

  • XJK

    I’m late to the comment party!!

    Firstly – Barbara, I’m doing my best to stay spoiler free, and yours is the only site I trust to be that way at the mo – thanks for providing an outlet for the speculation!

    MRi machine – only if you want them to end up with the back of their heads exploding, bleeding out of every oriface, going into cardiac arrest… patients do not have the best of luck in that machine! But had a laugh at the image 🙂

    I have ideas on how it should/could happen, but I’ll tell you what, I’m just having a marvellous time watching it all unfold! Whether they attempt a relationship, have a hallucination fueled one night stand, or are just caught up in the moment after an argument in the lift (there’s one Barbara didn’t think of)… I’m just gonna be on the edge of my seat laughing, crying, or screaming at my TV!!

    The hallucination idea seems to be strongest at the mo – what a lovely way to wind up a lot of viewers 🙂

    Sorry I’ve not had much to add, but looking forward to the next episode and the speculation that will follow

  • Debbie

    Reading XJK’s comment about other possibilities as to where it could happen (the lift) – reminded me. With House’s disability, I imagine they would have to get creative and haven’t thought about that until now. I mean, I would imagine up against the wall in an elevator would virtually be impossible for House.

    Any thoughts?

  • Donna

    Having lots of fun reading all these comments. Have had similar ones bouncing around in my head.

    j.i.m., Really enjoyed your “fanciful and unlikely scenario of hallucination sex punctuated by a more satisfying “real” ending, or “the best of both worlds”.

    XJK, I’m with you re: the MRI machine. Besides it’s hard enough for 1 person to fit inside let alone 2.

    I chose House’s apt. as the most likely scene of the deed. It makes me giggle though to think of the morgue as a possibility (we know how House likes to hide down there and eat a stolen lunch).

    Curious to see how it does or doesn’t play out.

  • Johnna

    About House and Cuddy having to be creative, I can see that. But I also see that House and Cuddy are both very private people, and for the life of me I can’t see anything related to sex happening at PPTH.

    The hospital is where their work life happens, and while they manage to have some private conversations, they’re too guarded to let anything physical happen at work. That’s why I think, when House had the chance to kiss Cuddy in LTEC, he didn’t because it was too personal. So he touched her instead, but if you watch his eyes during that scene it’s clear that he has a great deal of longing stored up for her, and she for him.

    I was shocked at first at how many people thought the sex would happen at House’s apartment. But I guess it makes sense, for Cuddy to be the one comforting House this time…wouldn’t that be a nice mirror, not only to the kiss in “Joy” but to that long ago night when House gave Cuddy everything? It would be a nice change to have House be the desperate one for a change…

  • carolyn

    phew!! ok, thanks barbara for the reassurance, I was really freaked out for a little bit here. A Huddy baby would just be too much . . . it’s not “A Guiding House” after all . . .

    does anyone think that the way Chase and Cameron were supposed to come to the forefront of the plot, as mentioned by DS and KJ, refers to “Saviors”? Or do you think there’s a bigger plot twist to come?

    Because if Chase and Cameron aren’t really supposed to get married, then something has to go wrong soon. Really crazy idea, I’m probably wrong, but their fallout could be related in some way to the Huddy fallout, which would really be an emotional roller coaster . . .

  • carolyn

    p.s. if anyone else has digital cable, hit info for tomorrow’s episode – it gives a big hint!

  • Debbie

    #78 – Johanna wrote:

    “for Cuddy to be the one comforting House this time…wouldn’t that be a nice mirror, not only to the kiss in “Joy” but to that long ago night when House gave Cuddy everything? It would be a nice change to have House be the desperate one for a change…”

    Good Lord! Another point to ponder. Whether I’d prefer to see him getting everything Cuddy could give. Or to see him give Cuddy everything.

    Darn that it is only network television.

    ~imagining away

    Apologies. The suspense for the get-together is getting to me!

  • I want to write some clever comment about two consenting adults and how it’s none of our business, but I suspect my wife might start watching the show faithfully again if that does happen, so I guess I care after all.

  • anna

    exhaustion to comfort to passion

    I think it should happen with Amos Lee’s “Arms of a Woman” playing.

  • KIm

    Hi there!

    j.i.m –> Thanks. I’m glad that you liked the song. It’s beautiful.

    anna–> Amos Lee’s song is beautiful as well. Is the type of song which I think it will fit perfectly in the House show.

  • Luisa Borges

    Barbara, thanks for this oppportunity to have some fun. I´m kind of late at the ball but I was weblessly surviving in an island for the last 7 days.

    Really great comments everyone, enjoyed reading them all.

    And now, I´m going to take my shot at it.

    First let me start by saying that I have the utmost faith in David Shore and his terrific team. They have greated from scratch, and without taking notes on my requests, the most singular, wonderful, unexpected, surprising and addictive show on TV. One big reason for this is the existense of House himself, him being such a wonderfuly complex and unpredictable character. So I trust them to do what´s right by House and by the show, and in the end I have total faith that what they do will be the best.

    Having said that, it´s good to wish for things, dream up stuff and use our creativity. And in the end we can´t help but do it. Humans are by nature creators and wishing for things to happen is an intrinsic part of our nature. That´s what´s so good about all the fanfic out there.

    I like seeing relationships on House. Specially House´s relationships with others. I have accepted that these are never going to be front stage because that´s not in the nature (and structure) of the show. It´s not “Grey´s”, or even “ER” in that respect, and I love the show for that, House brought something new back to the table and the way it balances its elements is key to my enjoyment. So, it will never be about couples, but having said that, it has been (and therefore could be again) a little about that.

    What I would love to see brought forth is the way House and Cuddy, in their similar emotionally awkward way, would deal with what they have between them. Which is something, as Barbara and many others before, have pointed out. They have feelings for each other. That much is clear for me, and they have mutual attraction. What they also have in common is total lack of intimacy skills. So that makes for an interesting issue.

    I do want to see it play out, come through (or true in this case). I would like to see how House would deal with it, how Cuddy would deal with it. House, the show, has couple relationships, and they all start on the foreground and then move to the background (or end all together), so it´s been done.

    Now (at last) my take on “Huddy”. I believe something will happen, would like it to be out of the hallucination/dream scenario, would like to now more about their shared past history maybe and I think it will play out. I would like to see House in a relationship for a little longer than he´d been in the past (“Stacy” moved fast after they got back together – again, in that case I thought the way it moved was great, the conclusion and all). Cuddy has interactions with him on work issues and this could further add to that. And I do believe there could be middle ground between happy or burst (there is plenty in fact).

    So my bet for setting: his apartment. Cuddy has a baby at her house, and anyone with a baby knows just how hard it is to plan around them. So, his place is my choice. She´ll take the lead (only fair after the kiss). Would love some pretty cool Chet Baker songs in the background (my second choice would be Marvin Gaye). And the rest is history.

    Can´t wait for tonight´s epi. I´m really itching to see it.

    All the best to everyone.

  • huddylover

    Y-E-S!!!!! definitely in “under my skin”.
    ( and xxx, WATCH HOUSE!!!)

  • Veresna

    Hi Barbara,
    I’m longing to read your review of “A House Divided”. My former link to “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process” no longer works, but I searched through BC until I found you!

  • barbara barnett

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Hope you like the new site. I know it will take a bit of getting used to. The House Divided review is now up.

    More than 1100 people have voted in this poll! And counting!

  • simplethings

    Anyone who enjoys spoilers should check out Fox’s website and a video they posted. I don’t want to give anything away, but I was shocked and want to speed through my weekend.

  • nc

    Anyone who thinks they couldn’t actually be a couple doesn’t remember the Bickersons. I honestly think it would be more interesting to see what they’d do together than to watch them fail in some predictable fashion.